MLW Saturday Night SuperFight Report: Jacob Fatu vs. LA Park Headlines

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Major League Wrestling’s Saturday Night SuperFight pay-per-view is streaming live on FITE TV. The Saturday Night SuperFight pre-show is available to watch for free on FITE and the MLW YouTube channel. Here are the bouts slated for the show:

Pre-Show Matches:
Three Way Tag Team Match: Simon Gotch & Ikuro Kwon def. Douglas James & Dominic Garrini, and Spirit Squad
– Hijo de LA Park def. Zenshi
– Leo Brien def. Savio Vega
– Gino Medina def. Air Wolf

Main Card Matches:
MLW World Heavyweight Championship — No DQ Match: Jacob Fatu (c) (w/ Josef Samael) def. LA Park (w/ Salina de la Renta)
MLW World Middleweight Championship: Teddy Hart (c) def. Austin Aries
MLW World Tag Team Championships — Texas Tornado Match: The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall) def. MJF & Richard Holliday (c)
MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) def. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
Stairway to Hell Match — Triple Threat: Mance Warner def. Jimmy Havoc and Bestia 666
– Timothy Thatcher def. Tom Lawlor
– Low Ki def. Brian Pillman Jr.
– Injustice (Myron Reed, Kotto Brazil & Jordan Oliver) def. Gringo Loco, Septimo Dragon & Puma King


Pre-Show Coverage

** Savio Vega vs. Leo Brien

Vega and Brien start the match off with a series of lockups. Vega secures a headlock on Leo and Leo makes his way to the ropes to break the hold. Brien and Vega talk trash to one one another and Brien slaps Vega in the face. Savio swung Leo to the ropes and hit a hip toss and tossed Leo to the outside and the two men brawled for a bit on the outside before returning to the ring.

Leo Brien takes control of the match and beats Savio down in the corner. Savio fights out of the headlock he was in and executes a cross body on Brien before being knocked down again. The two exchange strikes. Leo ducks a punch, hits the ropes and spears Savio. Leo heads up to the middle rope and goes for an elbow drop but misses it. Savio Vega takes control of the match. Vega takes Brien from corner to corner and the referee attempts to stop him. Savio shoved the referee out of the way and continued taking Brien to different corners in the ring. The referee tried to separate them again and Brien hit Vega with a cowbell while the referee’s back was turned to secure the victory. After the match, the two brawled and Savio chased Brien out of camera’s view while beating him with kendo sticks.

** Air Wolf vs. Gino Medina

Medina starts off the match with a pinning combination. After another pinning combination, Gino mushes Air Wolf in the face. Air Wolf would regain control of the match and hit a series of swift maneuvers. Gino Medina takes Air Wolf to the corner and drives his boot in Wolf’s face and panders to the crowd. Air Wolf begins to take control of the match after he executed a bottom rope Tiger Feint kick and followed up with a German suplex. After Gino regained his wits, they exchanged holds and Gino hit a “Soul Food” boot the side of Air Wolf’s head to pick up the win.

— The camera cuts to Richard Holliday and MJF in a parking lot. MJF takes his Burberry shades off and gifts to them Holliday.

** Zenshi vs. Hijo de LA Park (w/ Salina de la Renta)

As soon as Zenshi gets in the ring, he hits a hurricanrana onto Hijo de LA Park and then hits a dive to the outside onto Hijo. Zenshi tosses him in the ring, Salina grabs Zenshi’s foot which allows for Hijo to hit a suicide dive. Hijo hits Zenshi over the back with a steel chair multiple times on the outside and then begins pandering to the crowd. They’re back in the ring and Zenshi goes for a roll up while Hijo is playing to the crowd.

Zenshi hits a top rope 619 and flies back over the top rope to hit a neck breaker. He goes back to the outside again and Salina grabs his leg. He is able to avoid Salina and does a slingshot twisting senton onto Hijo. The two men trade a series of moves and Hijo hits a Code Red for the two count. They head up to the top rope and Hijo hit a Spanish Fly. After trading strikes, Zenshi pele kicks Hijo. Hijo is in the corner on one side of the ring and Zenshi is on the opposite side and tries to jump across the ring to kick Hijo but barely connects. Hijo de LA Park then has Zenshi in the Alabama Slam setup and drops Zenshi head first to win the match. Post-match, Salina de la Renta made it clear that LA Park will win the MLW World Heavyweight Title in the main event and everybody will soon have to kiss her “Puerto Rican ring”.

Josef Samael, Simon Gotch and Ikuro Kwon come to the ring and security follows to make sure nothing happens. Salina and Hijo exit the ring.

** Simon Gotch & Ikuro Kwon vs. Douglas James & Dominic Garrini vs. Spirit Squad (Kenny Dykstra & Mike Mondo)

Kenny of the Spirit Squad and Douglas James start off the match. Douglas James drives Kenny to the ropes and Ikuro Kwon makes the tag on Kenny and immediately eats a dropkick from James. Simon Gotch and Mike Mondo begin brawling on the outside. Dominic Garrini and Kenny are also going at it on the outside. In the ring, Douglas and Ikuro are trading strikes, Ikuro hits the ropes, dukes a clothesline and hits a suicide dive onto those brawling on the outside.

Now in the ring is Simon Gotch and Garrini. Douglas James and Kenny find their way into the match. Kenny tags in Mike but Dominic Garrinni clotheslines Mike and locks Kenny into a submission. The legal men while all this is going on is Ikuro Kwon and Mike Mondo. While the referee is focusing on Garrini’s submission on Kenny, Kwon uses red mist on Mike Mondo, tags in Simon Gotch and Gotch executes a Gotch piledriver to win the match for he and Ikuro Kwon.

Main Card

** MLW World Tag Team Championships — Texas Tornado Match: MJF & Richard Holliday (c) vs. The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall)

MJF and Richard Holliday are in the ring before the match officially begins and MJF cuts a promo on the crowd. The crowd tells MJF to “shut the f*ck up”. Richard Holliday chimes in and makes fun of the Von Erichs.

Ross and Marshall storm the ring and begin teeing off on MJF and Richard Holliday. The Von Erichs hit stereo drop kicks onto The Dynasty which sends Holliday and MJF to outside. Von Erichs come after The Dynasty and Marshall and Ross are taken out on the outside. MJF uses the ring bell up against Marshall’s head. Marshall is given a “Market Crash” powerbomb on the ring apron. Ross is being beaten down in the ring by The Dynasty. Ross fights back but Holliday stops him and gives him a twisting suplex for a two count. The crowd starts chanting “Cody’s b*tch” at MJF. Ross fights out of a hold and The Dynasty give him double elbows. Marshall returns to the ring and strikes both MJF and Holliday into different corners. Ross and Marshall then give The Dynasty cannonballs. Marshall sets up for a moonsault and MJF shakes the ropes to throw Marshall off. Richard Holliday hits a superplex onto Ross, MJF follows up with a dive from the top and goes for a pin. Marshall breaks it up with a moonsault.

Marshall locks in the claw on MJF, Ross loads MJF up for a back body drop and they both slam MJF to the mat for the win as Ross and Marshall become the new MLW World Tag Team Champions.

— A video package is shown featuring Brian Pillman Jr. receiving advice from Davey Boy Smith Jr.

** Injustice (Myron Reed, Kotto Brazil & Jordan Oliver) vs. Gringo Loco, Septimo Dragon & Puma King

The referee is checking Injustice for weapons but the group members are trading a weapon amongst each other trying to keep it away from the referee. Jordan Oliver and Gringo Loco are the legal men in the ring to start the match. Gringo Loco takes control, sends Oliver to the outside and was about to set up for a dive to the outside but was pulled out of the ring by Myron Reed. Septimo Dragon and Puma King hit a double team move on Reed. Kotto comes in for the save but is superkicked by Puma King. Septimo, Gringo and Puma King take out Jordan Oliver. They all hit dives to the outside and take out all members of Injustice. Gringo, Puma and Septimo are trying to chop Myron but Myron has on a chest protector. Injustice then triple teams Gringo Loco and regains control of the match.

Jordan Oliver jumps from the top rope and Gringo Loco catches and powerbombs him. Myron Reed finds himself in the ring with Septimo, Gringo and Puma King and Puma King gives him a double stomp to the chest. Septimo dives to the outside on Kotto and Jordan Oliver. Gringo Loco then hits a split-legged moonsault onto Myron Reed for a two count. Reed tries to fight back but is given a piledriver and kicks out again. Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver dive to the outside on Septimo Dragon and Puma King. Myron Reed flies over the top rope as well and hits a cutter to the outside on Gringo Loco. Myron Reed came back into the ring and hit a 450 on Septimo Dragon as Kotto and Jordan Oliver piled on top for the three count.

** MLW World Middleweight Championship: Teddy Hart (c) vs. Austin Aries

Teddy Hart is on the outside taking his jewelry off and Austin Aries hits a suicide dive onto Hart. Aries takes the World Middleweight Title off of Hart and hits him with it. Aries tosses Hart back in the ring and hits a dropkick onto for a two count. Austin Aries climbs to the top rope and Teddy Hart pushes him out of the ring. They get back in the ring and Teddy Hart begins striking Aries. Aries and Hart are on the ring apron and Aries gives Hart a Death Valley Driver. The crowd begins chanting “Austin Asshole”. Aries dives to the outside, brings Teddy back in the ring and hits a slingshot crossbody for a two count. Aries starts working the ankle of Teddy Hart. Austin Aries tries to lock in the Last Chancery but Teddy is able to get to the ropes.

Aries sets up for a brainbuster but Teddy Hart reverses and turns a suplex into a cutter. Aries swings and misses with a forearm, Teddy gives him a back body drop for a two count. After a few exchanges, Aries hits his Discus Forearm. Aries takes Hart to the corner and stands over top of him. Hart is able to scoop Aries up and powerbombs him onto his knees. Teddy Hart gives Aries a package DDT and goes for the pin for Aries gets a foot on the rope. They go to the top rope and Aries delivers a sunset bomb onto Teddy and transitions right into the Last Chancery. Teddy Hart fights his way to the ropes to break the hold. Aries is on the outside and Hart bounces off the ropes and hits a moonsault. The commentators are playing up Hart’s injuries as he is slow to get back into the ring. Teddy Hart sets up for a top-rope maneuver but Aries shakes the ropes. Aries gives Hart a series of moves, a brainbuster but Hart kicks out.

Aries tries to hit a suicide dive but Hart side-steps and led Aries into the guardrail. Austin Aries plays possum and rolls Hart up but only gets a two count. Hart immediately goes for a Canadian Destroyer which is enough to defeat Aries and retain the MLW World Middleweight Championship.

— A promo airs for MLW’s women’s division which is coming on November 9th.

** Low Ki vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Low Ki and Pillman Jr. start off the match by trading strikes and chops. Pillman and Low Ki are brawling on the outside. Low Ki gives Pillman a body slam to the floor. They are back in the ring and Low Ki has a Figure-Four headlock on Pillman. Pillman gets out, goes for a dropkick and a pin and Low Ki kicks out a two count. Pillman chops Low Ki in the back of the neck and delivers a high back body drop. Low Ki regains control of the match and gives Pillman a series of knees to the head. Pillman is on the ring apron, pushes Low Ki away and hits a springboard clothesline for a two count. Pillman Jr. picks Low Ki up and Low Ki kicks him in the head. The referee tries to hold Ki back so Pillman can regain his wits. That happens a second time as well. The official is asking Pillman can he continue. Pillman chucks his mouthpiece at Low Ki and Ki kicks Pillman in the head again and the referee calls the match off. Low Ki defeats Pillman Jr. by referee stoppage.

After the match, Low Ki appears to give Brian Pillman Jr. some words of wisdom and extends his hand to Pillman and Pillman accepts the handshake and they embrace in the ring.

— It is announced that AAA and Major League Wrestling have formed a partnership.

** Timothy Thatcher (w/ Douglas James) vs. Tom Lawlor

The match starts off with a number of forearms from Tom Lawlor. Lawlor and Thatcher are trading jabs and uppercuts on the outside. Lawlor locks in a guillotine choke hold on Thatcher and Thatcher rams him into the guardrail. As they get back in the ring, Tim Thatcher delivers two knees to the ribs of Lawlor. They are both doing some mat wrestling and Thatcher gains the advantage and secures a half crab on Lawlor. They trade slaps and Thatcher locks in a heel hook on Lawlor. Tom Lawlor transitions into a Figure Four leg lock. They roll to the outside, get back in the ring and Lawlor sets Thatcher up for an Airplane spin and drives him to the mat. A fury of strikes are given to Thatcher and Thatcher bounces back with a belly-to-belly suplex. When they both get back to their feet, Lawlor returns the favor with his own belly-to-belly. They are now back on the outside and Lawlor is chopping Thatcher all around ringside.

Thatcher hits a butterfly suplex on Lawlor, gets a two count and immediately transitions into an armbar. After the two exchange holds and moves for a bit, Lawlor hits a Tombstone Piledriver on Thatcher and Thatcher kicks out at two. Lawlor attempts to hit a knee strike and is met with a slap to the neck. Lawlor regains control and hits a pump-handle suplex for a two count. Lawlor is able to connect with his knee strike and starts the ground and pound on Thatcher. Thatcher is busted open underneath his right eye. Lawlor locks in a rear-naked choke and submits Tim Thatcher.

After the match, Tom Lawlor jokingly calls the post-match interviewer “Joe Rogan”. He talks about the possibilities that are there for him in MLW but one thing he knows for sure is that MLW is going to stay filthy.

** Stairway to Hell Match — Triple Threat: Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Bestia 666 (w/ Salina de la Renta)

The action kicks off with Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc brawling on the outside. Mance hits Jimmy with a garbage can lid and heads into the ring to take out Bestia 666. Bestia 666 recovers and attempts to hit a suicide dive on Mance but Mance uses a trashcan to swat Bestia out of the air. Mance and Jimmy Havoc are tussling over a staple gun and Mance staples Jimmy in the arm, genitalia and staples dollar bills onto Jimmy’s arms. Warner sets up a ladder between the ring and guardrail and chokeslams Jimmy Havoc onto it. Bestia 666 throws Mance Warner into the ladder and Havoc falls off. Havoc and Bestia are in the ring on top of the ladder and Mance pushes them off. Mance is busted open and dripping blood. He brings two boards which are the size of doors into the ring. Bestia 666 slams Jimmy Havoc onto the ladder. Jimmy Havoc tries to climb the ladder to grab the barbed wire that is hanging above the ring and Warner flips the ladder and sends Jimmy through one of the boards. Mance climbs up, grabs the barbed wire but is taken out by Bestia. Jimmy Havoc and Bestia team up and grind the barbed wire against the face of Mance Warner.

Havoc soon turns his back on Bestia and they go at it on the outside. Back in the ring, Bestia 666 gives Havoc a sidewalk slam onto the side of a chair. Bestia climbs the ladder, Havoc gets up, grabs Bestia 666 by his fruits and throws him onto the chair. Mance tries to get back in the fight but the barbed wire is wrapped around his face. A board is propped up on two chairs. Mance and Bestia head up to the rope rope and Mance suplexes Bestia through the contraption to secure the victory.

Post-match, Jimmy Havoc takes a guardrail, props it up and piledrives Mance onto it and then gives Mance a clothesline. Jimmy then wipes the blood of Mance Warner onto his own face.

** MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Alexander Hammerstone start off with some mat wrestling. The commentators make mention that Davey Boy is undefeated in singles competition in MLW. Hammerstone gets Davey Boy in the corner and starts teeing off and digs his foot into the face of Davey Boy. After Davey Boy took control of the match, Hammerstone hit a delayed suplex on Smith Jr. and Smith Jr. bounced right back and hit his own delayed vertical suplex. They moved to the outside and Smith Jr. rammed Hammerstone into the guardrail. Davey gave his opponent a big boot. They get back in the ring and Hammerstone rips a turnbuckle off and starts giving Davey Boy forearms to the back. Hammerstone heads to the rope rope and hits a dropkick. Hammerstone heads back up to the top but is headbutted by Davey Boy. Smith Jr. then superplexes Hammerstone, climbs back up to the top and executes a diving headbutt for a two count.

Davey Boy Smith and Hammerstone give each other German suplexes but they both get up immediately. Davey Boy gives Hammerstone three more Germans, gets a two count after going for the pin and immediately transitions into a crossface. MJF and Richard Holliday run down to the ring but are knocked off the apron by Davey Boy. Hammerstone throws Davey into the exposed turnbuckle and hits a bicycle kick, goes for a cover but Davey kicks out at two. After a series of reversals, Hammerstone rolls Davey Boy up and leans over to grab the rope to retain the National Openweight Title. The referee’s back was turned so he didn’t see Hammerstone grab the rope. Hammerstone then walks to the back with MJF and Richard Holliday.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship — No DQ Match: Jacob Fatu (c) (w/ Josef Samael) vs. LA Park (w/ Salina de la Renta)

There are dueling LA Park and Fatu chants. The crowd is hot for the match. Fatu and LA Park are trading strikes to start the match. They both gave each other German suplexes and got back up quickly. LA Park hits a suicide dive onto Fatu. While on the outside, Josef Samael punches LA Park in the face. After the interference, Jacob Fatu starts dominating the match. Fatu tries to rip the mask off and Salina de la Renta climbs up onto the apron which distracts the referee. Josef climbs into the ring and uses a spike against the face of LA Park and now LA Park is bleeding. The crowd breaks out in another dueling “Fatu, LA Park” chant. LA Park is bleeding all over and Fatu takes their brawl to the fans. The commentators are playing up how Salina is not showing too much emotion during the match while Samael is in the mix of it. LA Park makes a comeback and hits a powerslam for a two count. Fatu regains control and hits a springboard moonsault onto Park. They are on the top rope and LA Park headbutts Fatu and hits a twisting senton that only is enough for a two count. The crowd is really into the match as the dueling chants have been going on for the past five minutes. LA Park picks up the timekeeper’s table and hits Fatu over the head with it. LA Park then gets a regular chair and hits Fatu in the back. LA Park also hits Fatu over the head with a ring bell and the bell came off the wooden platform.

Fatu is under the ring and comes back out bleeding. LA Park tosses Fatu in the ring and sends him flying to the turnbuckle and Fatu hops up swiftly and does a twisting senton. LA Park rolls to the outside and Fatu takes flight over the top rope. Josef Samael starts beating down LA Park who is on the outside. Fatu sets up a table in the ring. Fatu tries to hit a moonsault onto LA Park but Park moves out of the way. Park goes for the cover and Samael jumps in the ring and shoots a fireball at the referee. Salina de le Renta jumps in the ring, LA Park tries to spear Josef but ends up spearing Salina through the table. Fatu hits a move on LA Park then goes up for his moonsault for the three count to remain MLW World Heavyweight Champion. LA Park carries Salina out of the ring as the show closes.








I ordered the MLW PPV and thought it was a very solid first effort on PPV. The main event didn’t do much for me until the final few minutes, after Fatu hit his big dive. My favorite matches were Lawlor vs. Thatcher, and Low Ki vs. Pillman.

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Great show.
Low Ki and Pillman Jr was great
Also loved Crackhead vs. AA