MLW War Chamber Results: MLW vs. WTF

Originally published at MLW War Chamber Results: MLW vs. WTF

MLW War Chamber

March 29th, 2024

By: John Siino

The Coliseum in St. Petersburg, Florida

Commentary: Joe Dombrowski & Christian Cole

MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship: Janai Kai (c) (w/ Salina de la Renta) vs. Unagi Sayaka

They lock up here in Unagi Sayaka’s MLW debut, as she has Janai Kai against the ropes to start the match, followed by some quick roll-up pin attempts. They start running the ropes and trading strikes until Kai lands a kick for a near fall followed by a flurry of more kicks from the Kick Demon. Kai starts working on the arm and shoulder of Sayaka, before holding her down with a Dragon Sleeper. Sayaka fights her way out of it and attacks Kai in the corner, before hitting a running leg drop for two. Sayaka follows with a Gory Special before slamming Kai down face-first for two. Kai comes back with a kick as they are both down and out before getting up and trading more kicks, with Sayaka landing one for a two-count. Sayaka follows with a Rocker Dropper for a two, but Kai comes right back with a Half Nelson takedown and sends Sayaka into the corner where she meets her with the GTG Kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Janai Kai by pinfall at 7:14, to retain

AJ Francis vs. Alex Kane (w/ Mr. Thomas)

Saint Laurent escorted AJ Francis out before joining the commentary table. Francis gets on the mic before Alex Kane comes out and reintroduces himself and starts talking down this Florida audience and Alex Kane. After saying his mohawk is from 2002, Kane finally comes out and goes right after Francis. They start brawling on the outside for a bit where Kane hits his apron splash. Kane continues on the attack before Francis reverses a suplex to hit one of his own and starts attacking Kane in the corner. Francis continues attacking Kane on the outside before Kane moves out of the way as Francis goes crashing into the ring post. Francis comes right back by power-bombing Kane onto the apron and tells the referee to start counting him out. Kane enters at 9 and Francis stays on top of him, attacking him against the ropes. After running the ropes and attacking Francis a bit, he’s finally able to take him down with a spear, followed by two suplexes for a two-count. Laurent left the commentary table now and joined ringside and started helping Francis. As this distracted the referee, Francis hit a low blow followed by the choke slam, as the referee did a very fast three count to end the match.

Winner: AJ Francis by pinfall at 7:03

Bomaye Is For… AJ Francis?!

The four unnamed talents on the outside who were representing Bomaye Fight Club with Kane tonight joined the ring and all raised their fists along with Francis, aligning themselves with him as commentary mentions the disloyalty in Bomaye that Francis has brought up recently. Joe Dombrowski tries to get a word from Kane who calls the referee a bum and walks off.

We see footage of AKIRA entering the building but he gets confronted by Sami Callihan, as The Calling jumps AKIRA and attacks him with barbed wire.

Devin Diaz was making his way to the ring, but he gets attacked from behind by Brian Brock. Brock enters the ring and says he’s come here to MLW looking for a fight and won’t leave the ring until someone makes him as we get the entrance for the Contra Unit.

Brian Brock vs. Mads Krule Krugger

Brian Brock goes right after Mads Krule Krugger, and they quickly take it to the outside and brawl around the ring. One of the Contra Unit soldiers starts attacking Brock with the flag pole before Brock starts using it on Krule himself. Krule puts a steel chair around Brock’s neck and kicks him against the ring, as the soldiers start tossing a bunch of weapons into the ring. Krule tries to attack Brock in the corner but goes crashing into a wooden door instead. Brock sends Krule down with a lariat, but the Contra Unit starts to distract Brock on the apron. Brock tries to use the broken door on Krule, but that only angers him as he choke-slams Brock down before hitting a Full Nelson front slam to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Mads Krule Krugger by pinfall at 3:43

Contra Unit goes to put Brock in a body bag after, but Krule tells them not to so they decide to carry Brock out instead.

Richard Adonis vs. Bad Dude Tito (w/ Salina de la Renta)

Richard Adonis goes right after Bad Dude Tito, but that only angers Tito who punches Adonis into the corner where he meets him with chops and strikes before hitting an over-the-head suplex followed by the Tequila Screwdriver for the quick pin.

Winner: Bad Dude Tito by pinfall at 46 seconds

Tito gets on the mic after and says he didn’t come here to look pretty but for gold and doesn’t care if it’s Satoshi Kojima or Rickey Shane Page, next time you see him he’ll have gold wrapped around his waist.

NJPW World Television Championship: Matt Riddle (c) vs. Kosei Fujita

They start the match trying to take each other down to the mat before Kosei Fujita has Matt Riddle against the ropes as they start trading chops and strikes. They run the ropes a bit and start dodging each other as the crowd is behind both men at a standstill. Riddle stops the tension with a suplex and attacks Fujita in the corner with running forearms and another couple of suplexes and senton. Fujita puts his knees up in another attempt and sends Riddle to the outside with headscissors and kicks Riddle from the apron. Fujita sends Riddle back in and hits a springboard senton for two. Fujita hooks on a Dragon Sleeper, but Riddle powers his way up and hits a suplex, followed by another one for a two-count. Riddle goes to the top rope, but Fujita joins him up, suplexes him, and goes for the pin, but Riddle is able to grab the bottom rope. Riddle stops Fujita with a jumping knee, followed by the Bro-Stone for the pin and the win.

Winner: Matt Riddle by pinfall at 7:03, to retain

Dombrowski gets a word with Riddle who gives props to Fujita and talks about 6 years ago coming up short of winning the MLW World Heavyweight Championship, but this time he will win it and become the King of MLW.

The Lucha Key

We go to Cesar Duran’s office as Duran gives Salina de la Renta props on signing Bad Dude Tito and Janai Kai retaining the title. Duran gives Salina an offer for the Azteca Lucha show in Chicago, where they both bring their own luchadors, and whichever promoter gets the most wins gets the key that opens the door to the greatest power in Lucha Libre.

Upcoming Schedule

  • War Chamber II – April 20th (beIN Sports/YouTube)
  • Azteca Lucha – May 11th – Chicago (TrillerTV)
  • Battle Riot VI – June 1 – Atlanta (TrillerTV)

We get a video from Mads Krule Krugger who says he has waited for two years but tonight he lights the spark that will engulf the war and tells MLW that all will burn.

Commentary keys up the next match which took place at the CMLL Martes De Arena Mexico show on March 12th, 2024 as it’s the first defense Mistico had of the MLW World Middleweight Championship.

MLW World Middleweight Championship: Mistico (c) vs. Angel de Oro (CMLL – 3/12/24)

Joe Dombrowski & Christian Cole continued on commentary over this match. They start the match with a handshake, as Mistico takes down Angel de Oro right away. They start trading arm drags and more takedowns before Mistico sends Angel to the outside, meets him with a dive and tries another one but gets stopped with a kick from Angel on the outside. Angel stays on the attack before they take it to the outside where Angel sends Mistico crashing against the barricades. Back inside, they run the ropes as Mistico hits a headscissors and another one off the apron to the outside. Angel sends Mistico outside next and hits him with a top rope moonsault to the floor. Angel hits another top rope moonsault inside for two. Mistico sends Angel back outside with another arm drag and meets him there with a plancha. Bit of back and forth inside, as it’s slowed down a bit with both men getting some rest on the mat. Angel heads to the top rope, but Mistico runs up there to hit a Spanish Fly for two. They go back to the top rope where Angel hits a superplex for two, followed by a Michinoku Driver for another two. Mistico comes right with a crossbody followed by La Mistica as Angel taps out right away.

Winner: Mistico by submission at 14:10, to retain

War Chamber: Team MLW (Satoshi Kojima, Okumura, Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders) (w/ Bill Alfonso) vs. World Titan Federation (Tom Lawlor, Richard Holliday, Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Josh Bishop) (w/ Saint Laurent)

World Titan Federation won the coin toss, so out first with the advantage is Josh Bishop who goes and grabs chairs from under the ring and tosses them in the ring. Matthew Justice comes out, along with Bill Alfonso, and goes right after Bishop as the match starts on the outside with the 5 minute period before the next entrant. They finally enter the ring where Justice starts tossing the chairs to Bishop’s face. Bishop comes back using a Kendo stick to choke out Justice and tosses a wooden door in his face before setting it up against the corner. Bishop tries to powerbomb Justice through it, but he escapes and takes out Bishop with a spear before slamming the door on top of him.

Tom Lawlor comes out next for WTF but gets tossed right into the cage by Justice upon entering. Justice keeps splashing Lawlor in the corner before Bishop can stop him with a chair as they start double-teaming him. Out comes 1 Called Manders to even up the odds and he goes after Lawlor in the corner as Justice is attacking Bishop with a chair. The Second Gear Crew stays in control using the weapons as Davey Boy Smith Jr. is next out for WTF and takes down both members of SGC as Lawlor starts swinging the military helmet that Saint Laurent wore to this match. With WTF in control, out comes Okumura for Team MLW who takes out all of WTF with DDTs and suplexes before putting Lawlor in a Figure Four leglock, as he taps out, but that doesn’t count at this point of the match.

Richard Holliday comes out as the final entrance for WTF and takes out Justice with the cage door before going after Manders & Okumura. Satoshi Kojima is the final entrant as the match now officially starts with the babyfaces dominating, all doing chops to their respective opponents in the corners. Justice heads to the top of the cage and hits a dive on everybody, as they all come crashing down. All eight start going at it in both rings including a suplex from Okumura to Holliday in between the rings. Bishop puts Justice through the wooden door in the corner with a Death Valley Driver, as Smith suplexes Manders through another door. WTF starts dominating with Smith hitting a sit-out powerbomb on Kojima for two. SGC stopped their momentum with double spears and started setting up tables. They battle on the top of the cage where Justice hits a Tornado DDT to Lawlor, who was on Manders’ shoulders, right through one of the tables that was set up. Laurent attacks Alfonso on the outside and hands Holliday a bag of white powder, but Kojima stops him with the Cozy Lariat, to get the pin and the win.

Winners: Team MLW (Satoshi Kojima, Okumura, 1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice) by pinfall at 24:36

Contra Unit Takes Over

As they are celebrating, we start seeing the feed being hijacked by Contra Unit, before Mads Krule Krugger and a dozen or so Contra Unit members make their way to the rings and surround the winners. They all enter and start attacking Team MLW, as we see Ikuro Kwon, who hasn’t been seen in MLW in a while is back with Contra Unit causing this attack. Kwon shoots black mist in Justice’s eyes as Krule sends a fireball into Manders. They continue this assault and lay Contra Unit flags on top of Kojima, Manders, Justice & Okumura before draping a giant Contra flag on the cage as the show comes to an end.