MLWRadio download speeds.

I live on the other side of the world but downloading a show from MLW Radio is an absolute chore. I’m trying to download the Something to Wrestle With podcast about Bob Holly and despite being in the country with arguably the fastest internet in the world, South Korea, my computer is telling me that it’s going to take about 3 or 4 hours to download a single podcast. Anyone else not living in North America have this problem with the MLW Radio website?

We live in Seoul and have had similar issues with mlw via the apple podcast app. Maddening isn’t it?! Youtube usually works (I think most of conrad’s stuff is on youtube now) as does streaming straight from their website. Without wanting to sound like an asshole, have you paid you bill recently? They do tighten up your bandwidth if you get behind here.

Can you use a podcast app?

Also have you tried a different connection? Starbs, McDs and public wifi (iptime pops up alot) are pretty good most of the time. I sometimes find that helps.

My internet is shared with my building.

I actually cobble together my weekly podcasts by visiting sites and downloading MP3s.


Maybe someone over on MLW Radio reads the Post Wrestling forums. I just tried again around 11:30 PM Korea time and download speeds have vastly improved. If someone helped or passed the word along to someone who had helped, thanks.

Listening to any of the MLW Network podcasts that aren’t hosted by Conrad Thompson is a chore!

I don’t use the site to download their podcasts. Maybe try subscribing to the podcast directly on a podcast catcher app on your phone. I use Podcast Addict for Android and rarely have issues.

Slight pivot

Podcast addict keeps crashing for me