MMA Post show with Ziggy and Phil

First of all I want this to come across as constructive criticism.

Really enjoyed the UFC post shows and have enjoyed the MMA report in the past, however I cannot continue to listen to the post shows with Ziggy and Phil.

I understand they are not journalists, but they are so boring and monotone to listen to.
There is no natural inflection or passion in their voices it seems.

Would love it if Cody Saftic came back instead, or even when John did the shows on his own, I would much prefer to listen to that.

Will have to get my post mma talk elsewhere.

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I agree man, they’re fine but it’s like they’re repetitive. I want to hear those with passion and energy like… Why not bring in Robin FREAKIN’ Black?! Or John Ramdeen?!

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Robin is the man…also enjoyed Ramdeen too…please!!