MMC - Finn Balor with the Boss

Last night was announced that Finn Balor is a team with Sasha Banks, for the mixed match challenge which is fine, but I am very dissapointed!

I was expecting Finn to pair up with Bailey, they did a short promo for it and I would really liked to have see this pair because they were so good together in NXT. There are clips on YouTube with them and they are great.

Am I just alone in this one or not? :slight_smile:

and this one is also pretty good :slight_smile:

Plus, like… the tag team name is right there; BayLor.

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Bayley and Balor teaming right now would have the internet coming up with names regarding both of their current positions within the company.


I get the over reference, but “cooked”?

Sasha is a weeabo, makes sense she teams with a guy who was only big in Japan.

It’ll be the beginning of a Bayley heel turn with Sasha rubbing it in her face.

I cannot think of anything that I am less excited for than this mixed match gimmick.

Purely for storyline purposes. They totally dropped the ball on Nia Jax. Her not teaming with Drew Gulak was bad. Apollo Crews being Enzo’s replacement was just damn near insulting.

Updated teamings

Goldust/Alicia Fox
Naomi/husband Uso

and this…

Robe Warriors was a damn good team name.

I was thinking of what Corey Graves could have said if Nakamura and Banks were a team …