Molly Holly was told by a writer to not mention production crew in WWE Hall Of Fame speech

Originally published at Molly Holly was told to not mention production crew in WWE HOF speech

The first name announced for the 2021 WWE Hall Of Fame class was former two-time WWE Women’s Champion Molly Holly. Her speech aired on April 6th and following the broadcast, a longer version of Molly’s speech was uploaded to WWE’s YouTube channel.

She thanked those who helped her get to where she did professionally and spotlighted the production crew members who she spent time with in WWE. Molly was a guest on GAW TV with Mickie James, Lisa Marie Varon and SoCal Val and stated that a day before she was set to give her speech, she was contacted by a writer who told her not to mention the production crew.

Well, like a day before I gave my speech, one of the writers called me and said, ‘We don’t want you to mention the crew,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, thank you for telling me that. I’m still going to mention the crew.’ So, it was important to me and so, yeah. I just thought about — I recently talked with one of the crew members and he said, he mentioned Lisa Marie and a few of the other girls, how nice we all were backstage and he said there had been seasons throughout his career at the WWE where the talent would treat the crew like furniture and I was like aw, that really stinks that not everyone who is a talent backstage even knows how much they receive from the crew members. Sometimes you just need a grounding and talk about something else like someone’s new pug or someone’s like — I don’t know. I just feel like the crew is there in the same weird world and they know the jargon, they know the job but they’re not as poisoned by all the believing your own fame type of thing that we can all get sucked into and so I’ve always relied on the crew to help keep me like — like okay, what’s the real perspective here? Am I getting drifted off into fantasy land? Or I need a little reality in my life.

She was with WWE full-time from 2000-2005. Throughout the years she would make special appearances and competed in two of the women’s Royal Rumble matches. While Molly is excited and happy about the honor of being in the Hall Of Fame, she feels her career was solid without it. She feels there are other people such as Lilian Garcia who should get that honor.

It was exciting. I didn’t know if I ever would be inducted and honestly, even if — I felt my career was good without that so I wasn’t, ‘Ah, I need to be in the Hall Of Fame’ so I was okay if I never got in but I was surprised and really honored that they would ask me but I felt like gosh, I’ve only been champion like twice and I was only on TV for like five years and I just felt like there’s other people — I want to see Lilian Garcia in the Hall Of Fame, you know? There’s people who worked there a really long time and I just, I don’t know. I felt a little bit like, ‘Oh, there’s other people that should’ve been in before me’ but I was very grateful and honored to have the experience. I’m happy about it.

POST Wrestling has a report of the 2020/2021 WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony. To read that, head over to this link.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit GAW TV with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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Why does WWE not wanna give credit to its own production crew? Vince’s ego thinking he should have all the credit?

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I don’t think it’s that, people have gone on record saying that Vince won’t let them mention him either, he doesn’t want credit either. He probably just thinks it’s bad TV.

And we all know, if there is one thing Vince can’t stand, it’s producing bad TV.

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Remember lol, its all about perception. He hates producing what he perceives as bad TV. We’re talking about a man who has banned the word “hospital” gets enraged by sneezing. I’m not defending him lol, he’s fucking nuts.

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It’s just the optics and the fact that he’s old-school.

If you thank Vince McMahon, then it seems that your thanking him for pushing you. In his mind there isn’t really a push, you earned the brass ring yourself so he doesn’t want you thanking him because that makes it sound like he is being thanked for the push.

He doesn’t want them thanking the production crew because that makes it seem like they are building up the stars to be bigger than they are. He doesn’t wanna make it seem like this person wasn’t that great but was hyped up by a production crew to make them larger than life.

In the end it’s completely senseless but that’s just how he thinks. Same logic behind not calling it a belt. He’s just got his own ideas that probably make no sense to anyone but him.


Once again, Molly Holly seems like a person who was genuinely too nice for a business this sleazy.

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Just to review, Mr. T can talk about his mother for an hour but how dare someone thank co-workers for their efforts!

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