Monday Night Raw ep.1288 28th Jan Live Discussion Thread

Third night in the Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia

Fallout from last nights Royal Rumble

Potential hall of fame announcements

Rumours of The Undertaker being backstage all weekend maybe an appearance

Three matches confirmed for the Elimination Chamber qualifying matches:
*Woken Matt Hardy vs Elias
*John Cena vs Finn Bálor
*Braun Strowman vs Kane (last man standing match)

Sasha Banks vs Asuka

Who watching who’s talking Raw.

Burned out yet on wwe? Or are you ready for more?

Interesting that Cena-Balor is going to be a qualifying match.

Nice to see The Coach back in WWE

I did love the bit when Asuka just smacked away Ronda’s hand last night as if too say fuck you I just won the royal rumble bitch.

Ooooo Booker T been dropped :open_mouth:

So glad they turned Sasha banks heel last night what a difference.

I fuckin hate Stephanie McMahon

Liking the new updated graphics on raw

And the 2 months of sign pointing begins.

Wow they stacked this RAW with match teases all of em with live consequences. Also digging the new graphics

Is there anything Braun can’t destroy.

At some point those Braun ‘‘Big Spot’’ are getting, let’s say repetitive

Seriously thought Braun was going too eat the microphone then with Corey

Who would have guessed when Braun came in as the 4th Wyatt Family member that he’d wind up being the most over guy in less than two years?

Let’s just say less is more

I was one of his many many haters certainly proved me wrong I think there’s gunna come a time where people start getting tired of his act though maybe week to week.

I just want too see The Revival tonight…

Can’t wait to see, how they will book Elimination Chambers, How in the world can Roman Reigns will go over Braun. It’s starting more and more to look like a triple threat match at Mania, Brock, Braun and Roman

I’m sure this has been discussed over the years but has anyone else began to seriously cringe every time Kurt Angle talks his lines are so incredibly forced they’re starting to resemble Roman’s and it sucks because he used to be natural on the mic (or more believable than he is now)