Money in the Bank 2018 Post Show w/ John Pollock & Wai Ting

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Money in the Bank 2018:

Ronda Rousey challenges Nia Jax for the Raw Women’s Championship, Men’s and Women’s Money In The Bank winners are decided in ladder matches, AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura in a Last Man Standing Match, Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal in front of a hostile Chicago crowd and more.

Plus, your Café feedback to the show from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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All the matches turned out pretty Good but I have a problem with the results. No reason to have Alexa Bliss win the brief case and title again. It just seems like they give all the accolades to Charlotte and Alexa. How many times do they need to have the title. Give someone else a chance. Also Braun didn’t need to win money 8n the bank either. He’s already over and I think most people thought he probably would be next to face Brock at Summerslam anyways. It could’ve gone to Joe or the Miz. Then Daniel Bryan wins cleanly for the second time by submission on Big Cas. Why? You just killed Big Cas just like that. Elias has been so over for awhile but the WWE doesn’t give him the push to the next level. He needed this win and the title a lot more then Seth who’s going to be back in the World title picture anyways. Ausaka is being made to look so weak now. She should of dominated the match and then James Ellsworth could of saved Carmella but they make it look like Carmella can actually hang. Again matches were enjoyable but Victors were wrong.

You’re seriously complaining that Cass lost to Daniel Bryan? And that Elias lost to the hottest guy on Raw, who had to cheat to win?

Good review show guys. I think most of us were crabby after having to sit through another 4 hour plus WWE show, but I stand by what I wrote yesterday. Also, as a side note, Smackdown had both briefcases because Money in the Bank was Smackdown exclusive last year. So, there’s really no comparison to last year since Raw wasn’t even involved. That’s like blaming someone for not being at a wedding when that person didn’t even get the invite. Lol. Anyways, good review show for a decent PPV. Glad Wai is back to continue the awesome banter with John.

I absolutely LOVE that they pulled the trigger on Braun.

I’m not nearly as big into Braun as others but one of my major issues with him is that his in ring stuff doesn’t usually reflect his out of ring monster booking that builds to a match.

Braun is an unstoppable monster except that over the last year he’s stopped at every single PPV with multiple men in it and every title shot that features Brock. It’s okay to have Braun lose convincingly but this cycle has been repeated so many times now that it really hurt Braun’s character in my eyes. Finally we have a multi-person match where Braun actually fights through the offense and proves he’s dominant. He needed this a while ago and its better late than never.

IMO Braun needs to win the title while he’s hot. From there you just have Braun squash the roster as he has been. Don’t be afraid to treat this monster like a TRUE monster. See Lucha Underground and the FANTASTIC booking of the monster Montanza.

Finn vs Braun…Finn slaughtered
KO vs Braun…KO slaughtered
Roman vs Braun…Roman slaughtered
etc, etc.

While doing this build up MORE THAN ONE person on the roster who can gradually come across as a genuine threat. This process could take all the way up to WM35 for the first one and if that person loses, fine…the next one will be ready for a future big 4 or even WM36.

Prime candidates for this would be Seth Rollins in the short term and Drew Galloway in the longer term. I would personally have Brawn give the rub to Drew since Seth doesn’t actually need it and can look very strong in defeat up against Braun.

I think its reasonable to assume that fans of John and Wai’s content are probably fans of NXT and/or NJPW.

Money in the Bank was coming off of two FANTASTIC shows and so simply being ‘good’ probably didn’t come across that well to those fans. Unless your practice is to severely lower expectations for WWE in order to walk out surprised.

On top of this Money in the Bank had a TERRIBLE build for nearly every match. We all complained about this coming out of the go home shows. A ‘good’ match still comes across as a tv level match when there’s no build behind it for people to care about.