Money In The Bank 2019 Live Discussion

Great tag match, also I enjoy Rowan wearing different rock t shirts every week

Did the Cruiserweight title get cut for time?

Edit: Oh nope it’s there

I ain’t never seen a crowd so excited to see Bayley win… ANYTHING!

This is one of the best moments in Money and the Bank history.

Swear this company has turned this ppv into the biggest pos

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So I just watched the Men’s match this morning. Summary: a bunch of guys worked hard and blew up their bodies so that the only guy who matters in the company could come in and climb a latter.

I actually wanted him to slip.

We go to Saudi Arabia - legends fight each other. We have a MITB, Brock wins. And the company can’t figure out why nobody feels connected to the majority of the roster. :roll_eyes:


Normally Money In The Bank is one of my favorite shows of the year. But there was just too much going on last night between GoT and NBA.

It sounds like overall it was a good show though. I’m definitely going to go back and watch AJ vs Rollins, the Becky matches and the men’s ladder match.