Money in the Bank matches to take place at WWE headquarters

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During Friday Night SmackDown, it was announced that the Money in the Bank Ladder matches will take place at WWE’s corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

It was explained by Michael Cole and Corey Graves that the match will begin on the ground floor but the briefcases containing the contracts will be hanging on the roof of the building. Graves did pluralize ‘briefcases’ and insinuated both the men’s and women’s contracts would be up for grabs at WWE HQ.

POST Wrestling has learned that the match has already been taped and will run on Sunday, May 10th as part of the Money in the Bank show. The news of content being taped for Money in the Bank at WWE HQ was first reported by

There are ongoing men’s and women’s qualifying matches on Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. Friday’s broadcast featured Dana Brooke defeating Naomi and Daniel Bryan beating Cesaro to qualify.

This past Monday featured Shayna Baszler, Asuka, and Nia Jax qualifying.

It was also announced that Braun Strowman would defend the Universal title against Bray Wyatt at Money in the Bank.

I have no words…

A ‘climb the corporate ladder’ match announced the week they fire dozens of employees.


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Can they take the elevator?

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After reading this all I can think of is the Kota Ibushi DDT apartment match.

The timing of this is arrogant.

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Great coming to my state which likely means flying talent into NYC, and a fairly high infection area for Covid in Fairfield Country CT. Genius WWE.

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Nope, still not gonna watch.

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Okay who gave Vince the Reality Stone!!!

I’m sorry, but after 26 years religiously watching - this week they finally broke me.

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Honestly what is the point. Sounds like a horrible concept. Won’t watch, don’t care

This sounds amazing. Anything to get them out of that performance center setting, I’m all for.

I may be wrong but it sounds like no ladders will be involved, if so I’m not opposed to that element.

No need for any more ladder matches at the moment

Sounds fucking stupid.

Killing the “cinematic matches” concept in record time. Next up, Kofi jumps a shark at Summerslam.


This is my biggest issue with these. These aren’t matches and they don’t deliver what I watch wrestling for. This is just traditional produced television.

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If Kofi jumps and actual shark I’m here for it.


However, unlike DDT, I doubt one of the WWE wrestlers will open a door to find two men engaged in sexual intercourse.

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While I dont have high hopes, I’m going to reserve judgement until after I see how it plays out. The reaction online was pretty much the same after the boneyard match and firefly fun house matches were announced, and after the fact I found the feedback to both of those matches to be pretty positive.

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