Money in the Bank matches to take place at WWE headquarters

Is Shane involved? If Shane jumps off titan towers - take my money

For people who say that this is “too far” or will “stop watching,” I’m not going to pass judgement, but stuff like this - and other stuff - has been happening in WWE for the longest time.

It’s not that WWE has taken its first steps in distastefulness right now, just look at the Big Show/Bossman dead father angle. Look at Raw is Owen and the previous night when they refuse to stop the PPV when Owen Hart died. Thev’ve been doing all this for more than ten years and you’re complaining now? I’m sorry if I stepped on toes, but a little too late for second thoughts, don’t you think?

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I think there are different levels. Running a show after Owen died is terrible, but for me not in the same level as putting hundreds of people at risk.

True, but what puzzles me is the fact that you know that WWE is capable of making of doing things like that; they have a track record.

CM Punk was right about one thing: watch wrestling for the wrestling, and not for supporting your favourite promotion.

I don’t know, maybe you’re right, Breng77, but, to me, complaining without doing what you think will be the final solution once you’ve seen the bad thing done the first time around is too little too late.

EDIT: I just hope that the pandemic will die sooner or later. Not on-topic, but I don’t care about much else anymore.