Moose discusses his decision to re-sign with IMPACT Wrestling: "It was definitely a hard decision"

Originally published at Moose discusses his decision to re-sign with IMPACT Wrestling

The IMPACT World Champion discusses choosing IMPACT over the other options.

Moose confirmed over the summer that he re-signed with IMPACT Wrestling for another two years. He shared that there was interest from WWE and the company wanted to bring him in.

Fast forward to present day and Moose is the reigning IMPACT World Champion. He spoke to ‘Metro’ and explained his decision to re-sign with IMPACT over heading to WWE. Moose admitted that it was a difficult decision because he was interested in seeing what else was on the table. He ultimately decided that it would be unfair to himself and to IMPACT to leave without accomplishing goals that he set for himself.

It was definitely a hard decision. As much as I love IMPACT and I love everything IMPACT was doing, I also wanted to see what else was out there. I had a chance to go to WWE but ultimately I decided that my time in IMPACT wasn’t done. There was things I needed to accomplish that I haven’t accomplished yet. It wouldn’t have been fair on myself, or it wouldn’t be fair on the company, if I left so soon without accomplishing those other things. Ultimately, that was my reason for staying.

At Bound For Glory, Moose used his ‘Call Your Shot’ Gauntlet trophy to secure an impromptu match with the then-newly crowned champion Josh Alexander. Moose pinned Alexander after hitting him with a spear.

Moose shared that there were very few people who were aware about the ending of that pay-per-view.

I loved it, because nobody saw that coming. Surprises generally get ruined because everyone has to report about what they saw backstage, who’s a free agent, who’s talking to who. Well with this surprise, no one knew when I was gonna cash it. I think maybe a handful of people, even with the boys, knew I was gonna cash in that night. Nobody knew.

At IMPACT Wrestling’s Hard To Kill event on January 8th, Moose is scheduled to defend the World Title in a three-way against Matt Cardona and W. Morrissey.