More notes from CM Punk's testimony on Friday in defamation case

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CM Punk’s testimony continued Friday afternoon after a break from the morning session, which you can read about on the site.

The following notes are courtesy of Ross Berman at, who attended the civil trial in Cook County Courthouse on Friday.

CM PUNK (continued from earlier in the morning)

-Punk outlined the process of obtaining antibiotics by contacting Dr. Samson or Dr. Amann. He was only prescribed antibiotics once, although was never given any type of paperwork for the antibiotics, which he received during the November 2013 European tour.
-Punk described the Royal Rumble match from 2014 and was scheduled to be one of the final four men in the match
-He repeated that he suffered a concussion during the match after taking a clothesline from Kofi Kingston
-When Punk did the “Art of Wrestling” interview with Colt Cabana, he didn’t have any notes with him
-Berman noted at one point during the testimony as he was recalling his state during the match, Punk began crying and the Judge had to allow Punk to compose himself
-He stated that the lump on his lower back first appeared in the fall of 2013
-Punk noted that he should have described the placement of the lump as being on his “butt” and not “back”, it was “purple, reddish, blue”
-He added that he showed the lump on his butt to Cabana
-Punk added that a massage therapist in Chicago would have seen the lump as well
-They went through text messages between Punk and AJ Lee from January and February 2014, describing the lump and Patrick Duffy (the physicians’ assistant), believing it was staph infection
-Punk said he showed Dr. Amann the lump in the fall of 2013 and then showing him a second time with the hope that Dr. Amann would cut it off, he showed it to Dr. Amann again at the Royal Rumble
-He defended comparing it’s size to a baseball or golf ball
-Duffy initially believed it was staph, later Punk texted to AJ that they were telling him it was a cyst after they dealt with the lump
-Punk stands by what he said on the podcast and felt relieved after the interview so that he could go on with his life

Punk’s attorney tries to ask about the Z-Pack stories from the podcast, but can’t ask without leading and is stopped by Amman’s attorney repeatedly, until line of questioning is abandoned.

After being in court for multiple days, the Wrestlezone scribe has not caught on to the basics – one attorney cannot stop an opposing attorney from doing anything – they can make a legal objection to opposing counsels line questoning, but it is only the judge who can “stop” any attorney.

The report (and follow-up article about closing arguments) never mention the fact that Brooks will be back on the witness stand on Monday to undergo cross-examination by Amman’s attorney.

I really want to re-listen to that podcast now so I remember what they’re fighting about.