More on reason for eli drake's release

So it been reported that some of the reason why Eli Drake was release was due to him being outspoken about his placement on the card and that the tipping point was that he refuse to do a intergender match that he didn’t know he was booked in and that’s when IMPACT management decided to release him. That’s old news but the new part of this is story is that now IMPACT is trying to impose him a 12 month non compete clause which mean that if they are successful, He won’T be able to sign with any major company for a full year.

We all complain about WWE and their method but to me this is even worst then anything WWE as done in the past. Eli Drake should be a superstar at this point and the new management of IMPACT pretty much destroyed him with their bad booking decision. Not only that but he might not be able to earn a decent living in wrestling for a year now. But i feel since it’s not WWE doing that nobody will be to outraged by this.

WWE, Impact, even Lucha Underground have been sticklers on contracts.

Even AEW has begun pulling some of their contracted talent from other shows.

Yup, it’s total bullshit.

Impact dropped the ball with him big time and I think he could be a big star anywhere.

If they released him, then he should be released and a total free agent.

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To be fair, the reason there isn’t as large a microscope on Impact is because so few people are watching and following the company’s moves.

Wasn’t Drake’s contract up at the end of May? I am pretty sure you can’t “punish” a talent by implementing a non-compete after their contract is up. I am aware of the shady practice by WWE and extending contracts for injured periods - but I’m lost as to how they could retroactively implement a 1 year non-compete, unless it was a bizarre stip in the initial contract.

People ignoring other companies transgressions against pro wrestlers…shocker.

You know the old saying…

If Impact pushes you as a top star but no ones there to see it, does it really fucking matter?

How can a company hold a no compete clause when they are litterally not competing with anyone?

yeah but they release him before is contract is up. So i’m guessing that they can actually punish a guy with a non compete clause since his contract didn’T run out before he got fired.

No one condemning “independent contractors” on this?


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Could someone complain about this, so these two can relax?

I’d do it but I haven’t watched impact in like five year and I have no clue what any of this is about.

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Oh wow…it’s almost like it’s only a big deal when ONE company does something underhanded.

Funny how that works.


I know absolutely nothing about impact

It’s like telling me some serious drama went down on a gardening podcast and expecting me to have an opinion.

Also, like 90% of wrestling fans seem to think impact is a shit organization. It’s been bashed pretty relentlessly in the past.

Nah fam…you just shifting goal posts for others while expecting an non reachable standard for another…typical rasslin fan logic.

Maybe you’re missing my point.

I’m also too tired to repeat it again so you win

Your point is blunted like a hammer…playing ignorance when commenting on a story is clear as day here.

Ugh. I’m energized by your nonsense.

My point is that impact isn’t on anyone’s radar. You won’t see as much outrage. But I’m sure you can find it if you look.

The WWE gets it more bc more of us follow it and care about the company (to some degree).

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It’s here and you chose to comment on it…how is willful ignorance coming into play here?

Seemed like a clear case of non compliance to the ole “independent contractor is bad” narrative used for a whole week during Mania season…almost like there’s an entirely different set of rules here.

  1. I never complained about independent contractors, so I’m technically not in this fight

2). I was giving a reason/example why the story wasn’t moving the needle

3). The block function must be broken. I keep seeing your posts.

LOL no one brought you up…you decided to chime in genius. It’s almost like it’s a forum of some sorts where someone can say your opinion on the subject is clear wilful ignorance.

Plz never change

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