More releases! 😔

Remember when nearly everyone spoke about Hit Row being a can’t miss act. Like two months ago. Absolute insanity.

Fuck Ryker though.

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Wow, did someone in Hit Row sneeze? What a complete waste. That is another example of why there is no point getting invested in anything in this company.

Maverick and Morrison are not surprising. Kevin Dunn doesn’t like accents so that explains Nox.

WWE is a total tire fire at this point

I mean honestly only Hit Row is a big surprise here, called them up did next to nothing and cut them. If they reform elsewhere I think they would do very well.

Ryker is old and not good
Morrison was doing very little and they cut his wife
Nox was injury prone
Thorne did very little
Same with Maverick after his baby face Cruiserweight tourney run after his last cut.

Personally the John Morrison release sucks, I’m a huge fan of his and I really liked this run of his, or at least everything he did before the split with Miz. Most of these I get, but Hit Row just makes no sense. It would be one thing if they came up and sucked, but everything they have done so far IMO has been great.

Its about time Ryker was released, he’s no good and such a divisive figure.

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I think Jaxson Ryker was hoping to become Colby Covington.

Hit Row had some issues recently – the racist tweets about Jinder Mahal etc. I’m not sure if any of that played in.


I remember those great moments, such as beating those job guys or looking like fools next to King Woods or being outshined by Sami Zayn or being owned by Jinder and Slim Shanky.

The only loss is Swerve. Top Dolla and Ashante sucked.

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Agree to disagree, I thought they did great. If they arent your cup of tea, to each their own. I didnt see anything with Jinder though, missed SD last week, so no comment about that.

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Yeah honestly, they have been completely brutal on the main roster. You could tell Vince and Bruce had no idea how to book these guys.

I am surprised about Top Dolla just because he’s big and I thought he did a good job on the a&e show, felt like they had plans for him.

Swerve is super talented but too small for WWE. The other guy sucked

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Many of these cuts were acts supported by HHH. Clearly Vince and his cronies didn’t watch NXT and are too proud to simply continue successful acts on the main roster. The notion of a “cant miss” act doesn’t exist in modern wwe.

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I have no doubt within the year, we will see plenty of NXT 2.0 cuts happening too. Nobody is safe in that place.

Well the reports from Meltzer state that there is a political war going on right now in WWE between Shawn/Hunter and Dunn/Pritchard etc. and reports have also noted that it seems Pritchard side is winning. Based on that, it makes sense that they are cutting Hunters guys.

Someone reported that NXT will be evaluated and cuts will happen every 6 months, so you’re probably right. It seems this is all an overcorrection to the talent hoarding from 2019.

I think some guys are safe, I just can’t see talent like Roman, Edge, Uso’s, Drew, New Day, Becky, Sasha etc. getting cut. But then again, I didnt see Bray getting cut either, so maybe you’re right.

We thought Roman was the head of the table. Turns out, it was Nick Kahn ending careers

Yep, that’ll be me. First time in 15-plus years that I won’t be ordering/watching Rumble and Mania. They have completely killed my interest. No point wasting my time or money


The fact that they keep for me as budget cuts I can’t tell if they’re trolling the talent to pop Vince or actually believe that they can record profits and have people buy that.


The idea to hire everyone for the global nxt expansion was flawed and obviously several were going to need to be released but this has gotten ridiculous. They have an absolutely absurd amount of television and the network/peacock and they cannot find places for acts like hit row (swerve in particular), Nox and Maverick. All the shows barring nxt are stagnant and nxt is now a complete mess that seems to be aimed at teenagers from 20 years ago.

The problem is AEW can’t just take everyone each time, they are far far too overloaded as it is. Impact could maybe take some, NJPW Strong probably but its back to the indies for most of these releases.

Bollocks to the wwe, I do wonder if eventually this garbage pr of just dumping people out of nowhere will ever bite them on the arse. Maybe Saudi Arabia would fancy paying for them to move there full time.

My interest in this company is at an all time low and there are far too many people being sent packing with no justifiable reason in my opinion. It also just leads me to continue to have no interest as it will be recycling the same matches over and over because the depth is disintegrating quickly

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I dont watch NXT 2.0, but how is it aimed towards teens in 2001? Is it edgy? I got the impression it was more of a show for kids. I’m genuinely curious.

The promotion of toxic attraction over anything else and their camera angles, marginally increased swearing, attitude era style matches. There were reports going round that they were moving to TV-14 too.

Not that any of it helps the jumbled mess that it is.