Most improved in 2022

I’m wondering who is going to win this Post Wrestling Award. For me, it’s between Michael Cole and Angelo Dawkins.

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Ricky Starks and Wardlow come to mind immediately.

I think it goes against the spirit of the award to pick a guy who started from such a high place, but I’d say Moxley deserves some consideration.


Daniel Garcia is a good choice as well
Wheeler Yuta
I like Mox as a sneaky choice. Or Will Osprey


I’d say Garcia, Yuta or Liv Morgan.

Tag teams, definitely the Acclaimed.

My vote is probably Dax Harwood. As great as he’s been in Tag matches this year, his single’s matches have been fantastic to watch.

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David Finley
Wheeler Yuta
Daniel Garcia

If we are looking at this as who is simply “most improved”, meaning how they are being used and what type of push they are getting is irrelevant, then for me it’s easily Angelo Dawkins. His in ring work is significantly better then it was in 2021 and his promos have gotten a lot better as well. I feel a lot of people being mentioned are the same as they were a year ago skill wise, they are just in a larger promotion or being given a bigger push now.


This is one of those NBA awards that always feels wrong.

There’s too many different ways to go with it. But I think Garcia has made major improvements this year.

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Yes, a subjective award in any sphere, and twice as subjective in a predetermined one. I don’t think it’s possible to completely disregard booking decisions and the like, because you would have to be in the creative meetings to know when to credit the booker vs. the wrestler.

I picked Mox this year for the same reason I picked Reigns in 2021. Yes, they were given the ball as the face of the company (or one of), but I think they both excelled in the role. To me, that’s harder and more significant than going from tag to singles or from midcard to upper midcard.

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Honestly you could even give it to Shemus – has he ever got a reaction like last RAW or five star match before ?

Lots of good candidates, but for now I’m picking Angelo Dawkins, for how much he’s been carrying his end of Street Profits matches and not getting lost in the shuffle.


I love the Dawkins pick

As for Booking factoring in, isn’t there an element of which they are only getting such pushes or booking because they have in fact improved to that level? Garcia for example has clearly improved or developed enough to be trusted in such a high profile spot. So some of it is baked in is my point.

I don’t watch WWE tag matches so can’t really comment on Dawkins but the guy has been signed for six and a half years. You’d think he is long overdue to develop into something decent

I think it’s situational. In some cases, 100% agree. Talents that take their craft to the next level are rewarded for that and the push does go hand in hand with the improvement .

In other cases, talent was always there, but now it’s just being showcased.

Both can be true, depends on the wrestler.

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I’d put 2022 Sheamus in the same category as 2022 Danielson (those guys just can’t stay away from each other). Definitely having a better 2022 than 2021, but it feels like a case of “being allowed to do what they do best” more than a real improvement that they have made to their work. The current iteration of Lashley is in that category as well (though I’m not REALLY putting him in this category, because we can’t forget the Omos feud was also 2022).

On the other hand, I feel that guys like Dawkins and Moxley have noticeably upped their game. And Kevin Owens might be a combination of both. I don’t know that he’s better than “Kevin Steen” in the ROH/indy days, but he has definitely stepped up.

Hard for me to say that guys like Yuta and Garcia have “improved” because they are both young and are being featured by a major U.S. promotion for the first time. But I’ll defer to those who know more about them.

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Liv Morgan is a good pick from WWE. She has had brief periods of fan support in the past where she “got over” although had never been featured as a title contender.

Then this year starting at Day 1 she got her first single women’s title championship match on a PPV. She kept her momentum up eventually winning her first women’s championship title. Which gave her more time to show her personality in promos and that she can deliver in longer and longer matches.

She’s not in the Bianca/Becky/Charlotte/Asuka level yet. But she has definitely gone up a a level from where she was. Whereas most WWE performers I can think of are mostly in the same place delivering the same level of match quality.

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I know the PWI 500 is just some made up nonsense, BUUUUUUT Daniel Garcia jumped from 233 to 48 this year.

(Posting this here because we don’t need a new thread)

Can you think of anybody who has revived their career as drastically as Sheamus?

There are guys who have re-invented themselves like Jericho, or who (I think) got out at a the right time like Ambrose/Mox. Or even guys like Ricochet or Ali, who might be used better one day, but always deliver when they’re in the ring.

But there was a multi-year stretch where Sheamus was the definition of a WWE piss break match, and without changing companies or ever really changing his gimmick (aside from some heel/face fluctuations), he has become a bona fide highlight just about every time he has a singles match.

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WWE… Angelo Dawkins, I’d vote for. I didn’t start watching RAW or SD again until HHH took over creative, so I may be a little bit late to get behind that all the way. Solo, is someone I knew little about and seems to be flourishing in his new role. Liv Morgan, aside from being in a bit of weird spot and getting a push, seems to be a much better performer, though she is still missing a gear to help her level up even more. Rousey, despite being a TERF, though I do appreciate her wearing and supporting Every Child Matters and Truth & Reconciliation, seems more comfortable and compelling on the mic lately. Even the squash she had last night against Natalya had more sequences and flourishes that focussed more on her strengths, and she sold well when called upon. I feel like Ridge Holland has done well in the Brawling Brutes.

AEW, I’d say Ricky Starks, but I have the feeling he’s always been good, we just didn’t have the chance to see him work to his abilities. Will Hobbs is doing great work. Wardlaw, hasn’t had great matches, but he’s better as an overall performer and seems more comfortable. I wish I could suggest someone in the AEW Women’s division, but their time has been so limited this year that it’s hard to highlight anyone.

Moxley, since returning from his rehab stint and embracing sobriety has been a force and has earned all the flowers we can give him.

Dax Harwood has had great matches, and it’s another case of being able to see someone perform to their abilities as opposed to being limited in a role. I also think Brodie King is in that same position.