Most Protected Finishing Move ever ?

What is the most protected finishing move ever ? Is there a move that’s been a winning move 100% of the time ?

The closest I can think of is the Jake Roberts DDT. They did bury it a bit at Wrestlemania 8 to put over Undertaker (because Jake was on his way out the door anyway), but that’s the only time I can think of.

Anybody who has wrestled for WWE regularly in the last 20 years has had their finisher kicked out of at least twice a year (Mania and Summerslam)… probably closer to 12 times a year if they worked every pay-per-view.

Has anyone kicked out of the Bonzai Drop?

The Canadian Destroyer


I think Yoko might be the winner. 'Taker did the sit-up from it, but Yoko wasn’t trying to pin him at the time. Pretty tough move to kick out of (kayfabe or shoot) just in a logistical sense.

The more I think about it, I don’t think Undertaker or Hogan kicking out should count…

I don’t remember someone kicking out of the razor’s edge.

The Dudley Boys have talked about how only two people ever have kicked out of the Team 3D - Tanaka in ECW and Chris Saban in TNA. Every other time it’s been broken up by interference.

Anyone kicked out of the People’s Elbow? And that was a terrible finisher as well.

Stone Cold and John Cena have kicked out of it.

Takers’ Hell’s Gate ?

Samoa joe’s muscle buster.

John Cena’s Lightning Fist

Big shows WMD punch.

Ember Moon’s Eclipse and Lacey Evans’ Woman’s Right.

Finger poke of Doom!

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That’s the worst finish ever.

No one ever kicked out of it though I’ll give him that haha :joy:

Even WCW didn’t kick out of it.


The tombstone?
The Choke Slam?
Sweet Chin Music aka a Super Kick

It’s wild to me what used to pass as the biggest finishers back in the day.

The tombstone and the chokeslam have been kicked out of many times.

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