Most ridiculous MMA fighters and fights

There’s this guy from UFC 1

And then there’s the time I saw a promo for tag team MMA. Or battle Royale

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Wtf is that?!! An MMA battle royal lol?

That 4 on one at the end was a bit much

Yaaaaa, that’s not sport, that’s just idiocy. Whats next, a triple threat?

M1 Medieval:

Ok. This might take the cake. How did you find this?

I came across it years back when I was reading about lesser known/unusual sports and your video of the tag team MMA reminded me. I believe M1 is a big Russian MMA promotion and ‘M1 Medieval’ is a sub-category of events they put on.

On that note, it’s not MMA but there’s plenty of fighting in “medieval football” here in the UK:

Mahatch FC from Ukraine:

Pillow Fight Championship