Most ridiculous MMA fighters and fights

There’s this guy from UFC 1

And then there’s the time I saw a promo for tag team MMA. Or battle Royale


Wtf is that?!! An MMA battle royal lol?

That 4 on one at the end was a bit much

Yaaaaa, that’s not sport, that’s just idiocy. Whats next, a triple threat?

M1 Medieval:

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Ok. This might take the cake. How did you find this?

I came across it years back when I was reading about lesser known/unusual sports and your video of the tag team MMA reminded me. I believe M1 is a big Russian MMA promotion and ‘M1 Medieval’ is a sub-category of events they put on.

On that note, it’s not MMA but there’s plenty of fighting in “medieval football” here in the UK:

Mahatch FC from Ukraine:

Pillow Fight Championship

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While MMA can be a serious and highly skilled sport, some fighters and fights could be considered ridiculous. It’s always interesting to look back on some of the more entertaining and absurd moments in MMA history.
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That 4 on 4 fight was just a street flight between 2 groups of knobs who’ve sank 12 beers and caught one of the others looking at them :eyes:

Pillow fighting must just be a joke right ha ha