Motorcycles used in Wrestling Shows

Looking for instances I may have missed and general feedback.

I’m taking a motorcycle instructor training course and my final classroom lecture/presentation can be a “fun” one that can be motorcycle adjacent instead of substantive motorcycle instruction. So I decided to do one about wrestlers using motorcycles as part of the show (mainly entrances).

Keep in mind the audience will be (mostly) non-wrestling fans that will likely be more focused on the motorcycles (and safety - so I left out the Undertaker dragging a hog tied Hogan around the arena).

I broke it down by wrestlers/factions instead of multiple instances of the same wrestler (there are hundreds with Taker). Note: I read the Madusa rode

Intro: (video) HHH destroys Taker’s bike with a sledge hammer (now that I have your attention…)

  1. Hulk Hogan (eg: NWO Hogan Nitro entrance with Hells Angles on Nitro / 2002 Raw Hollywood Hogan entrance vs Ric Flair)
  2. The Road Warriors / Legion of Doom (eg: SummerSlam 1992)
  3. DOA (eg: '97 Raw debut)
  4. Steiner Bros (eg: WCW Road Wild 1997, also talk about Hog Wild events generally)
  5. Madusa (eg: WCW Hog Wild 1996)
  6. Eric Bischoff (eg: '97 Nitro)
  7. Chuck Palumbo (eg: '07 Smackdown, also talk about his custom bike shop)
  8. HHH and Steph (eg: WM 33 / WM 34)
  9. Undertaker (eg: 2000-2003 - multiple photos/gifs)
    Conclusion: (video) Hogan failing (stalling) the motorcycle while going after Taker (funny finish)

Thoughts? Did I miss something? How’s the order (start/end with more recognizable wrestlers)?

If there happens to be a source that goes over the make/model/year/custom maker of the motorcycles mentioned that would be amazing, but I won’t hold my breath on that.

What are you talking about exactly in your presentation ? Are you just showing the videos ?

Generally examples of when motorcycles have been ridden to the ring. There will probably be some analysis of riding technique and discussion about safety (eg: they aren’t wearing helmets, but they’re also not on a public road so it’s a grey area).

Ultimately, I just wanted to find a way to fit wrestling into a motorcycle course…

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For the section on safety, you can talk about the time Undertaker dragged Hulk Hogan around backstage in a manner that I can’t imagine is recommended by instructors.

I don’t think there’s any footage, but a friend’s father who wrestled in Stampede for a couple of years as “The Terminator” rode a motorcycle to the ring a handful of times.

The thing that immediately came to mind for me was Kurt Angle on a scooter -


But also TNA had the dangerous faction known as the Aces and 8s. And also there was that one time AJ Styles was depressed and rode off without a helmet.


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I’m one of the few. But I always enjoyed BikerTaker. Especially when he turned heel and won the hardcore title. Taker mauling people was very entertaining.