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I really think John Cena is making the move to Hollywood just like the Rock did. If Cena gets any type of injury that delays production on an upcoming movie, you’ll see John’s WWE matches all but eliminated.

On a side note I took my son to his first movie over Christmas and the only kids movie playing was Ferdinand. It was a typical kids movie, but I actually thought Cena did a great job as Ferdinand. I enjoyed it.


I never seen it, but it’s RT score is higher than I expected…

Also got a Oscar nod!



I’m so ready for Infinity War.


I’m not sure how excited I can actually get for a Black Widow movie to be honest. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of Marvel comics, but I’ve never seen her as a character that can really carry her own series (comic book or film). They’ve tried a couple of times giving her her own comic series and they don’t make it very far, this is even after she was pushed as the “main female” in the MCU.

You’ve got this universe with all these characters with a wide range of powers or skills that we could never witness in real life. So what makes an expert in espionage such an interesting character in this universe?

Their biggest problem is that they haven’t had access to many of the mutant females who could carry their own franchise and they keep tying the rest of their female heroes up in other franchises where they are playing background characters or sidekicks.

Then again I’m looking at the list of every female marvel hero and I know that the studios will feel like people won’t embrace characters like: Spider-Woman, She-hulk, Ms. Marvel, Ms. America, or Elektra. One will be percieved as a rip-off of Spider-Man (she’s not). One will be percieved as the female knockoff of Hulk (maybe she is, but she is a better defined character). One will get confused with Captain Marvel. One will sound like a beauty pageant winner. And one is probably wrapped up in the Daredevil show.


Lord KNOWS I need something to look forward too (some good news) in 2018!


Here anyone watch The Nun Horror Movie. It is really good horror movie


I’m a fan of the comics too and I recommend the latest Black Widow run by Mark Waid with amazing art by Chris Samnee.

The Black Widow character in the movies is fairly different than the one in the comics and I have a lot of faith in Marvel to create a movie tailored to her, whether based of a specific comic book storyline or not. It shouldn’t (and I don’t think it will be) about Black Widow saving the universe. Instead it’ll be a kick-ass spy film that would work in any genre like Atomic Blonde.

All the MCU movies now also feature multiple characters so the movie could build on Natasha’s relationship with Banner. Or her past with Hawkeye. I think it’ll be a slam dunk and a movie they really should have made by now.


Michael B Jordan may get Superman.

I’m sure nerds will be fine with this.


Here it is. The trailer for Captain Marvel!

Looking pretty good! Very different for a Marvel trailer. No jokes or quips to make it look like a fun comic book movie. Which I think is the right tone to take since the only thing we know about her (right now) is Nick Fury paged her after Thanos killed half the universe.


Well I think he’s a good actor, so everyone should be fine with this. Where did you here this?


It’s all over the internet, wherever they report on comic book films.


Ah yes, I see several articles now.

Good to see some of Captain Marvel finally. I agree about the serious tone here being a smart idea (even as she is shown punching an old lady who may be a Skrull).


Captain Marvel trailer looks like any other origin story, generic villain of zero consequence, flash back sequences and recruitment, not all sure why the internet is freaking out…but I assume it’s solely because of gender.


That certainly plays a part in it. Being the MCU’s 1st solo film based around a woman, it’s mere existence is cause for hype amongst some fans. Heck, I’m excited for my nieces to see this (although I wish the story was about Ms. Marvel instead of Captain Marvel).

But the thing that Intrigues me the most about the trailer is the nostalgia (both in & out of the world of the movie). Blockbuster, young dual-eyed Nick Fury, COULSON!!! Plus, getting a look at the MCU post-Agent Carter/pre-Iron Man could be fun.

Honestly I think the trailer’s not great, but after the push this film got from the end of IW; it didn’t need to be. It could have been 90 seconds of Carol doing the R-Truth shuck n’ jive that the WWE Network used to run and it would still do numbers at the box office. 2019 should be another fun year for MCU marks! :100:



I was only familiar with Captain Marvel from the 90s X Men cartoon because she was the base of Rouge’s superpowers and I thought she was quite useless…upon further research seems like my original assumption also extends to the comics.

I am not here saying whether it’s good or bad, I’m just going to say comic nerds really mirror wrestling nerds and the storylines in comics are also an overbooked mess.


It’s a huge part of it and rightfully so. Look at these lists:

There are literally only four movies out of 60+ of the most popular, highest grossing, culture defining genre of movies in the 21st century with a female lead (Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Elektra, Catwoman) and 3/4 of them sucked. Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are necessary and long overdue to expand the cultural base of these movies away from just boys and toys.


Considering the fact that most (but not all ofcourse) women don’t watch or care about comic book movies…I don’t see any real reason to placate simply because someone complained.

But what do I know…I’m sure getting a female lead is better than getting equal pay and being harrassed by rich old fucks and neckbeards