Multiple WWE talents released from the company (UPDATED)

Rusev has Been let go now too

Aleksandar Jaksic apparently gone before even having a single televised match.

The writer who came up with the Otis/Mandy storyline has been let go.

Gallows and Anderson seems like a weird one.

I Wonder how many of these names have recently refused to work the new format of 3 lives shows a week.

I also wonder how many people are going to start refusing to work just to get out of their contracts.

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I will be very curious if we ever hear how much they got paid on the way out. Even at 20% of their recent deals, they’d be looking at 6 figures to walk away knowing they can get picked up somewhere else.

They’re on the Jim Rome show from time to time (that’s actually how I heard this news lol). Good Brothers last appearance was in a main event of Wrestlemania. Going out on top!


Deonna Purrazzo has been released.

For coming up with that storyline?

Writers are getting the axe too, which if she had lots of promise after that story, why would they axe her?

It depends on the verbiage and provisions of the actual contract. Some contracts have opt outs for talent at specific times, some have the same thing for the company, some require both parties to agree, it can change from contract to contract.

For all we know WWE asked if anyone wanted out first, and Gallows and Anderson jumped at the chance. It did seem that this list was filled with guys that were rumored to be unhappy.

With that said, this is pure speculation on my part.

Possibly, although it would be madness to voluntarily walk away from the guaranteed money they were on at the best of times never mind in the current climate. I just don’t see AEW or NJPW offering them anywhere near the same money, assuming they are even interested. And even if they are, it is very unlikely they will be signing anyone until this is all over and normality resumes (assuming what used to be normality ever does return).

I don’t disagree with the majority of your statement as I dont see anyone else offering them 500K a year (I think thats what they were getting). Another thing to consider there could have been a buyout involved. Who knows.

Indeed. We are all speculating.

I remember back in the day when they would have guys let go, it was all at once. Right now it seems like it’s one after the other, and more might be to come. Josiah Williams, who rapped Adam Cole to the ring and does Shawn Spears music was let go as well.

This is true too. Anderson (and his wife) were both pretty public about how unhappy they were being grounded after the last Saudi show.

Fuck this company sucks


I just hope Sarah Logan gets a chance to be successful somewhere, I thought she had some untapped talent. She was a standout for me during the Mae young classic.

Deonna Purrazzo will get scooped up quick.


Drake Maverick really loved his fucking job.

I hope they bring him back after all this shit is over.


AEW should pick up both ASAP as they can use any women with talent in their company.

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And yet, Brock is still being paid to take another 6 month vacation

Wonder if they’ll start to ask their top talent to take cuts soon.