Music You Love

As someone who is a huge lover of music, I would love to hear what genre of music, bands and songs/albums you all like.

I’ll start with mine -
Genre: Rock (guitar solos/riffs every time).

Bands: Queen, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Metallica, Madness and Dire Straits to name a few.

Albums: A Night At The Opera, Apetite For Destruction, Black Album and Greatest Hits 1, 2, and 3 (Queen).

Songs: Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway To Heaven, FreeBird, Paradise City, Enter Sandman, I Want It All, We Are The Champions, Stone Cold Crazy and many more.


Anything Postmodern Jukebox is my go to! Love those covers and the changing styles they can do with them. I’m also a bit of an anime fan for I have a lot of Japanese music on my MP3.

In terms of albums Daft Punk’s Discovery is still one I can listen to from start to finish, the LA Noire soundtrack helps me stay in work mode, Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm is a good one and Coral Fang by the Distillers.

Also some of my favourite songs are Say it Ain’t So by Weezer, Living in America by James Brown and Everything I am by Kanye West are rarely skipped when they pop up.

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Genre: Fucking hell, loads of 'em. I hate country music, I hate house/garage/techno/dubstep, I hate generic rock. Everything else is good to go though! Grindcore, emo, post-rock, hip-hop, electronic, indie, metalcore, rap, pop-punk, hardcore, 80’s goth, synth-wave, post-hardcore, metal, 80’s metal, 70’s groove, punk, shoegaze, acoustic, motown, 50’s and 60’s pop, the blues, screamo, skramz…anything goes (well, almost!).

I regularly browse Spotify for random playlists full of bands and artists I don’t know and I’ll play them whilst playing a video game or working on a project, and I’ll just save the tracks I dig to one of my genre playlists. It’s so easy to find so many incredible bands, artists and genres just by listening to what someone else loves. You’re never too old to get into a new type of music. The great thing about the end/start of the year, is people release ther ‘Best Of…’ lists and I just go town on them!

Right now, some of my favorite artists are; BØJET, Modern Baseball, Kendrick Lamar, Kavinsky, Chaos Chaos, Julien Baker, The Menzingers, Carpenter Brut, Arcane Roots, Clan Of Xymox, Maybeshewill, Chumped, FIDLAR, Kevin Morby, M83, Sorority Noise and Dr.Acula.

Fuck it, might as well try and list my TOP 10 ALBUMS OF ALL TIME while I’m here. These are albums which have stuck with me through and through, and I love them more than the day I first heard them…In no order;

Coheed & Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth
Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends
Parkway Drive - Horizons
Brand New - Deja Entendu
Modern Baseball - You’re Gonna Miss It All
Cursive - The Ugly Organ
Mineral - The Power Of Failing
Moving Mountains - Pneuma
Against Me! - Re-Inventing Axl Rose
Circle Takes The Square - As The Roots Undo

That was really, really difficult.

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I used to be way more into music than I am now. I listened to everything and it was what I did whenever I was doing anything else too. These days I listen to podcasts more so music gets put to the side unless there’s a gig coming up that I’m going to.

When I do listen to music I’m usually writing so I avoid stuff with lyrics because I find it distracting and usually want to sing along. I listen to film scores, instrumental acts or pure classical and I find it can really help with my productivity and get’s me into a decent rhythm.

I do listen to pretty much everything still and if I’m just cleaning up or looking for something to jam out to then it can be anything from pop, hip-hop, punk, metal and beyond. I adore anything Frank Turner does. Coheed & Cambria will always be my boys. Biffy Clyro are possibly the greatest live band to have ever graced a stage, at least that I’ve seen, and that’s saying something because I’ve seen hundreds of bands and worked as a promoter for a short time. CHVCHES are phenomenal. Against Me! are joyous and have really come into their own on the live stage since Laura-Jane transitioned; she is very clearly more comfortable with herself now. Ani DiFranco blows me away.

Everlong by the Foo Fighters is the greatest song of all time, anything else you suggest is, at best, second place.

I haven’t like a new artist since 2004…main reason I listen to podcasts these days.

I’m going to guess I’m the only country guy here so I’m gonna shoehorn a few country/bluegrass/western artists that I like into the top here.

First, Mandolin Orange. It’s a duo, backed by a rotating cast of musicians. Andrew (guitar, mandolin) and Emily (guitar, violin) make really fucking nice sounding folk music with heavy inspirations from Americana folk and traditional classic country. The songs are well written and catchy, telling stories with really solid arrangements. I’ve probably seen them about six times now live, they’re absolutely amazing. Another Mandolin Orange song. And another. Hah.

Then, there’s Chris Thile. He’s another mandolinist who does classical compositions, traditional bluegrass, and is in multiple bands including The Punch Brothers and Nickel Creek, acts which have profoundly different sounds, with different members. Thile is also the host of the formerly named Prairie Home Companion, now called Live From Here, where he does a weekly show showcasing the best of folk/country/pop music with a variety of appearances and comedy sketches. Solid fun way to spend a couple hours when it’s on. Live From Here streams certain shows live on their Youtube channel.

One of the other members of the Punch Brothers is Noam Pikelny who is an absolute fucking virtuoso with the banjo. He doesn’t do a ton of singing (though it’s nothing he’s a stranger to), he’s much more used to beautiful solo banjo compositions.

Honorable mentions include Margo Price, Trampled By Turtles, and Greensky Bluegrass. I’d talk much more but there’s other genres and I don’t know if anyone gives even a single shit about any of the above. I think people have a relatively closed view of what country is and what it can be, and I know it can be tough to try to break that.

In other genres, Jenny Lewis does a bunch of really cool stuff. I feel like I should probably say “did”, though, because her latest album was kinda trash. Her previous main band, Rilo Kiley did some great stuff though. Jenny is rather hit and miss, I love her Rilo Kiley stuff and I love Acid Tongue but her Jenny and Johnny work… uh… meh. She was also in a Nintendo movie as a young girl.

I could name so much more. Fiona apple, Basia Bulat, Dessa, Heiruspecs, Mirah, Aimee Mann, Suzanne Vega, Emiliana Torrini, Pokey LaFarge, Frazey Ford, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Borrowed Beams of Light, like my list literally does not end and spans a number of genres. I have to stop myself or I will not stop talking about it.

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Right it all depends on my mood really, i like to listen mostly to either rock or Country music. For the last year or so, i’ve been really into KISS for some reason, i feel like they got just great music when you going on a walk and doing exercise or just want to let loose. I also been a fan of Evanescence since they started in 2003 i believe and i really can get enough of their last album which is just a awesome listen. Finally can write about rock music on a wrestling board without mentioning Fozzy. i don’t know really what it is about Chris Jericho’s band but i really feel like everything they do is just plain awesome especially since Chris as really started to focus more on the band and less on wrestling.

As far as Country is concern, I love listening to Florida Georgia line, i saw then in concert last year and became such a big fans of them ever since. I also a big fan of Brett Kissell, who is this young western canadian singer and again the guy as a great sound and i can truly relate to a lot of what is songs are about. finally, i can’t talk about country music without mentionning how big of a fan i am of the great Garth Brooks. I’ve been a fan of his since the mid nineties, in fact he’s the reason i love country music to this day. I’ve bought every cd and every box set he ever release even through i knew that some of them were pretty much cash grab and didn’T really bring anything new and i even made the trip to Ottawa to see him in concert a few years back.

I do listen to other artists as well but theses six are those that i listen the most right now.

Steel Panther…best band ever.

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Been to 60 Springsteen shows and pop every Monday when Cole makes an extremely obscure Springsteen reference during the Elias segment

Love all the album choices, especially Cursive, Brand New and TBS.

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Margo Price is amazing. Big fan of Kacey Musgraces as well, Chris Stapleton, Midland. Starting to get more into FGL too.

Picking my favourite artist, genre or album is almost impossible. It’s like picking my favourite match or wrestler. It depends on the mood and sometimes I’ll only listen to podcasts.

But I listen to hip hop, pop punk, emo, thrash metal, classic rock, country, top 40, wrestling music.

Tame Impala and Kendrick Lamar are probably my favourites right now.

Love your taste in music. I think you will also dig the “Bioshock Infinite” soundtrack.

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Yeah, Jenny Lewis was in the movie, “The Wizard”, with Fred Savage and Christian Slater. Awesome throwback movie, with the antagonist breaking out his secret weapon, “The Nintendo Glove”, to gain the upper hand.
Ironically, the male lead singer of Rilo Kiley was in both “Salute Your Shorts” on Nickelodeon and he was one of Harley Keiner’s henchmen on “Boy Meets World”.

I just listen to this on repeat all day (when im not listening to wrestling podcasts)

I think that’s the Holy Trinity for me.

Pearl Jam
Smashing Pumpkins
Manic street preachers
Faith no more
Rolling stones
Rage against the machine
Foo fighters



You are correct. I loved that game as a whole and downloaded the soundtrack soon after playing it.

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The soundtrack led me to finding PostModern Jukebox.

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I DJ a lot of old Chicago house music. But lately I’ve been into blues. I think my favorite piece is Solea by Miles Davis (Sketches of Spain album). It’s long but a really great piece to tune out the world for a few.

Miles Davis - Solea