Must listen! R-A-W #120 Rock Bottom...CHILLS

I started listening to old Review-a-Wais in order of WWE event dates. As of this morning I’m up to the 1998 Rock Bottom PPV. Part of their opening banter in this episode gave me CHILLS. This was from Dec 28,2011…

At 11:30, John and Wai start discussing what it would be like if people in the future went back and listened to the podcasts in chronological order by event date (exactly what I’m doing). They talk about how the shows would be like a puzzle because they would mark different points in their lives. And that’s exactly what happened.

I highly recommended fans seek this out and give it a listen, it’s only a couple of minutes long.


I listened in chronological order a while back. This isn’t meant to be a knock, but it’s interesting to listen that way because the same topics come up for every show from a certain era, and you’re hearing them consecutively rather than months or years apart the way they were originally recorded.

The two that spring to mind are the Lawler sexual assault case in 1993-94, and any show within shouting distance of Survivor Series 1997. I think I listened to just about all of 1997 on one very slow workday a few years ago, and it was getting comical to hear John and Wai have pretty much the same conversations in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

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Where did you find them ? Is there a specific website ?

I assume we can post the site on here, but just in case – google “review a wai archives” in google and it should be a top result,

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I haven’t listened to an older R-A-W in a long time, though I should once in a while. My favorite was a Jordan Breen guest star one about a 1990 Clash of the Champions show recorded probably about 5 years ago. Back in the day, there wasn’t as much other podcast content to keep up with so it was easier to go through the archives without getting far behind on current podcasts. Nowadays, I have trouble keeping up with following all my podcasts and have the unfortunate benefit of choosing 4 to 5 shows from the 25+ podcasts that are in my podcast catcher app that I listen to weekly and even skipping out on a few that are probably really worthy of a listen (Talk is Jericho is an example, they have on a lot of intriguing guests but I usually read online recaps instead of listening).