Mustafa Ali: "I am no longer working with WWE, I look forward to the future"

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Ali is no longer with WWE. 

One of the championship matches scheduled for NXT No Mercy on September 30th was Mustafa Ali challenging Dominik Mysterio for the North American Championship

Ali has taken to his X account and noted that he is no longer with WWE and is looking forward to the future. He signed off on the message with his birth name, Adeel. In a follow-up tweet, he clarified that he is no longer with WWE and apologized for the confusion.

I am longer working with WWE.

I look forward to the future.

Thank you,


On this past Tuesday’s NXT, Ali teased showing up on the 9/25 Monday Night Raw for Dragon Lee and Dominik’s North American Championship match

It was in May of this year that Ali made his return to NXT. Back in January 2022, he announced that requested his release from the company

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Always seemed like a nice guy and good in the ring. Hope he gets the recognition he looks like he deserves somewhere else…surely that can’t be immediately in AEW - it’s way too bloated right now.

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I’m glad for him, seems like he wanted this for a while. Hopefully he finds what he’s been looking for. Maybe a good fit for ROH? NJPW?

I know Drainmaker is essentially a Tony Khan burner account, but this tweet is disingenuous. The NBC deal is roughly the same value as the Fox deal. It’s not just $1 billion in new money plunked into their laps. By tjis logic, WWE or AEW should ever release anybody.

Also, WWE became a new company nine days ago. “Never change”?

Really! I didnt now that. See this is the type of thing that Khan does that makes me shake my head. He behaves like a fan, not a person running one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world.

If that is true, that makes this tweet borderline pathetic.

Because it’s not Tony. It’s just a random AEW fan.

Just like there are 50 000 Twitter accounts dedicated to WWE with avatars of Roman.

Why are you responding to me and not the person who said it lol?

Apologies if it was unclear that I was joking. I just meant that it’s a guy who posts 20 times a day about how much he loves AEW. Which is fine.

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Oh lol…well I feel dumb. I’ve read he has burner accounts before, so I just assumed you were being literal.

It happens all the time in sports. Kevin Durant go caught using one a few years back as he posted on the wrong account one time.

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