Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy on this week's 205 Live was fantastic.

I haven’t listened to the review of Smackdown yet but I’m betting that the guys skipped 205 Live this week. If you’re someone who routinely skips 205 Live, I highly recommend that you watch the main event of this week’s episode.

Quite frankly, it was too good of a match for a random episode of 205 Live. It even might have been one of the big-four PPVs quality. The guys really brought their A-game. HHH is doing a low-key job of rehabbing 205 Live.


If Mustafa Ali was on any other show, he’d be in the best in the world conversation based off his body of work on 205 Live since Mania.

Very nice match with an ECW feel to it.

I hope you’re right, and that some day we’ll all look back and wonder when the turning point was for 205 Live. There is too much talent on that show to be wasted with nobody watching. It’s a show that doesn’t feel important, and it would be great to have talented writing that can meet the level of in ring talent.

Fantastic show this week. It feels so fresh this week with lio rush and the main was crazy. .good for Ali!

Would love @johnpollock to recreate that TJP promo. TJP is awesome!

I agree. I thought that TJP promo was good for once.

Just got a chance to watch this match. Outstanding, but somebody please kill the “we want tables” chants! I can’t stand them in general, but especially when two guys are having one of the best WWE matches of the year.

I’m sure WWE is partially responsible for this, thanks to a table factoring in to roughly 70% of matches during the attitude era, but it’s just a crowd shitting on a match because the wrestlers aren’t sufficiently trying to hurt themselves.