My First Live Show!

Ok, so I’ve been a wrestling fan since WM3. One of the more popular kids was actually so excited about the Savage/ Steamboat match, he loaned me his VHS tape of it, and I was hooked. However, after getting out of junior high, I no longer had any friends who watched wrestling. So in all that time of faithfully watching Nitro, Thunder, ECW, Raw, Smackdown, Impact, and everything else I could get on TV, I never actually went to a show.

That will change next week, there is a little independent show that I could almost walk to coming to my town, so I HAVE to go. But it will be alone. So, with all of you battle-hardened vets here what should i expect? The advertised wrestlers include Delirious, Abyss, Tommy Dreamer (of course) and…PCO. I’ve heard John and Wai speak so highly of him, I’m looking forward to seeing him with my own eyes. It’s a tiny venue…I can’t even imagine how they will set it up for wrestling, that in itself will be a point of interest. Do you guys have any memories of your first show, and was it a tiny indie show?

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I’ve been a wrestling fan since WM4, in Montreal, we pretty only had access to WWF at the time on tv and we still had The AWA on tsn but they weren’t going around here for live event. Also the local promotion like lutte international we’re slowly shutting down so we only had WWF has far as live event was concern.

So at the time, the whole mega powers storyline was going on it got me hook to the product because Hogan and savage just had that charisma that as a child you just couldn’t help but get hook. So my first live event came not that far after WM5 and the one thing I remember clearly was that the main event at the time came before the intermission so Hogan vs savage came before the intermission and I was a little bit disappointed that the guys I came to see didn’t end the show. I remember that they ended the show with dino bravo vs Brutus beefcake and the bushwhackers vs the rougeau’s and I didn’t get why those mid card guy we’re ending the show.

Since then, I’ve been going to wwe live event every time they come around here. I’ve went to smaller shows also like a lot of the Jacques rougeau’s family shows and some ncw shows which are completely different experience but I will always be a WWE fan first.

The WWE does not come to the Philippines as often. They’ve only come here about 3 or 4 times in the past years. So in 2016, when they came over for a live show, I jumped at the chance to watch them live. It was by far one of the best experiences of my life, even if I had to go alone (my cousins bailed on me).

There are two wrestling promotions here in my country, but sadly, I’ve yet to watch any of their shows. But maybe one of these days, I will go and see a show, just to see how Filipinos stage a wrestling show.

You have Abyss and Tommy Dreamer on the card so my advice would be to stay well back when they’re working. They’ll probably go into the crowd at some point.

First show was a WWF house show in Hamilton, Ontario. Advertised main event was Hogan vs Yoko, but Hogan was shooting a movie or having contract problems or something, so he was replaced by Hacksaw Jim Dugan. Even at 8 years old I knew that was a bunch of bullshit.

Not too sure what you can expect at a small town indie show. A lot of times the crowd can make or break it so just hope they’re a rowdy bunch.

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I can’t believe they would do the main that early, half the crowd must have left!

Not really because at the time, the montreal territory was still strong so guys Like Dino Bravo and The Rougeau’s we’re still big name in montreal, so for most fans since the big stars of the territory on a WWE show was a big deal so they stayed plus let’s face it, Kids loved Beefcake and the Bushwhackers so it wasn’t a total lost.

Not gonna lie, I liked them when I was a kid, too. I DON’T want Luke and Butch licking me, but they were fun to watch. There was a total stable idea there, with a barber and whackers…the Cutting Krew! Vince totally missed out on that one.