Name some of your wrestling guilty pleasures....

  1. I was actually a Big Daddy Cool Diesel fan… yep. Probably the only one that wasn’t some trucker cougar mom.

2.I was a fan of duke the dumpster drowsy

  1. I Only button mashed playing Wrestlefest instead of playing properly.

  2. As a lover of Hockey I also was a of the Goon.

I was a huge Miz fan before 2016.

I LOVED Lex Luger’s USA gimmick back in the day (I was also 12 years old at the time)


The Bionic plate forearm i may have liked :x

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Nothing to be ashamed of in being a Miz fan before his Talking smack promo…I’ve been driving the bandwagon since the Dirt Sheet days.

My guilty pleasure was thinking Disco Inferno becoming the hip hop inferno for a week was a good idea.

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Not only was I a fan of the original Doink gimmick, I had a tribute website on Geocities.


Wrestling itself is kind of a guilty pleasure in itself for me. I define a guilty pleasure as something that you enjoy that can cause harm to someone or promotes a potentially harmful message, and wrestling is guilty of both at times. I’m not one of those people that talks about Britney Spears music being a guilty pleasure because that hurts no one, whereas wrestling has legitimately caused severe mental and physical harm to many, many individuals over the years and even has a body count… Sometimes I think about that and it really makes it hard for me to watch a match, never mind a full card or whatever.

All that said, I still absolutely love this ridiculous and dangerous sport/art… spart? Take that Vince! Sports Entertainment my gloriously round behind! I’m calling it SpArt from now on! :rofl:


Hardcore 24/7 rule. I dunno why but I loved that gimmick and have fond memories of it.

Granted I haven’t looked back on any of it.
And it’s probably best I don’t!


…there was another way to play Wrestlefest???

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My guilty pleasure is CZW

Memphis Studio wrestling.

Incredibly Strange Wrestling - “Box of AIDS-Infected Needle" Matches. What more can I say.

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1: Garbage wrestling. IWA-MS KOTDM, CZW TOD, like okay, I don’t mean good deathmatch workers like they have in Japan. I mean like, fat guys who can’t move hitting each other with everything they can. I don’t watch it ALL the time but like, occasional terrible violence is great for me.

2: Rob Conway? Like, I can’t explain this one. I don’t mean whatever he’s doing now, I mean fucking Heat Jobber with the shitty music on Heat tagging with Johnny Parisi.

3: WCW Backstage Assault. I fucking rock at that game. As a kid I was SUPER convinced it had a ring in it so I 100% unlocked everything (WHICH IS GODDAMNED HARD) and was SUPER SAD when it still didn’t have one.

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bad early 90s WCW when they were playing catch to WWF around Jim Herds time. So much hilarity


Was a huge mark for Chris Masters in 2005.

I was a fan of Marc Mero’s Johnny B. Badd gimmick back in early 90s WCW. Speaking of that, all the theme music from WCW Slam Jam is gold…

I also liked the original Connecticut blue-blood character for HHH, even before Chyna debuted. There was an article in WWF Magazine where they had him trying to teach Mantaur to eat with proper manners and the pictures are hilarious. It may have been on TV too but I have a strong memory that it was just for the magazine.

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Lex Express for life. That music video is one of the best ever.


TNA Wrestling fan since 2002. Nothing more needed, except I’m damn glad to have POST Wrestling here now! Didn’t want to have to burn all my TNA stuff. :slight_smile:

As much as the head trauma scares me now, I still get a lot of joy out of the garbage hardcore matches from WWF and WCW. Honorable mentions to:
-Beverly Brothers
-Waylon Mercy
-Kai En Tai
-ICP in WWF and WCW

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To this day! I LOVE the Jericho & Christian vs The Dudley’s “Ass Cream” skit! I laugh out loud everytime I reminiscence / go back and watch it!

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The Miz and Heath Slater for a few years. The Miz has been my dude pretty much since I started following him on social media. He’s a Cleveland sports victim like myself.

Heath and I are from the same part of the universe, so I’m always going to cheer for him.

I love Ryback. I have no idea why