Name some of your wrestling guilty pleasures....

Loved the Beverly Brothers!!

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I was a fan of the Brawl For All. I know it’s considered bad booking now, but I liked it back then.

Well, it’s not that it was bad booking in itself but when you’re running a shoot tournament, you can’t expect what you had planned to actually turn exactly how you want it. WWE wanted Dr. Death to win this but got legit KOed in the first round. The whole summary of this concept in a nutshell.


I still mark out for Bray Wyatt

I’ve always enjoyed WrestleMania IX.


I always enjoyed Dean Douglas, too bad it didn’t get to play out. I think Shane could have made it work if he had the chance.

Beverly Brothers were solid workers

I love me a spotfest.

In the complete opposite direction, I think Buff Bagwell is awesome. Top ten entrance for sure.

Jobber tag teams and the Crash Holly 24/7 run in public places vs The Headbangers or Mean Street Posse

Eric Rowan, the heatless wonder, Vintner, and a theme you can play on the triangle.

Bludgeon Brothers.

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Besides Wrestling as a whole before I got married (I used to tell my then girlfriend that Monday was always my “laundry night”), my guilty pleasures were as follows.

  1. The Hulk Hogan Presidential Campaign of 1999.
  2. Public Enemy in the WWF.
  3. The New Age Outlaws (besides being misogynistic & shit workers)
  4. The Biker Understaker.
    (I have no idea why I loved that gimmick)

My guilty pleasures have always been the wrestling entrance themes. Used to download them through limewire and burn them when I was younger. These days I’ll do the YouTube mix when my wife’s not home.


Great answer! I had the Wrestling Album, Piledriver and WrestleMania cassettes as a kid and listened to them endlessly.

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White boots, any wrestler that changes up his attire even if just colors from PPV to PPV.


WWE in 2005/2006 is probably one of my favourite era’s of all time.

Headbangers. :triumph:

Roman reigns

Just kidding

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Wrestling in general is a guilty pleasure for me because the only friends I have who like it are people I only occasionally talk to online. None of my real-life friends, family, or co-workers are interested in it, and I’m always afraid to even mention that I watch it around them.

Within wrestling…I’ve always kind of liked a lot of WCW’s jobbers from when I first started watching wrestling in '98 and onward. Mike Enos, Rick Fuller, Bobby Blaze, High Voltage, etc. I also like Alex Wright and kind of wish he’d wrestled more after WCW was bought.

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The New Generation. I love that era of WWF. It holds a special place for me as it’s when I first got into wrestling. I still get that warm fuzzy feeling watching it today.

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I live in Minnesota, home of the best workers (outside of Canada)

That’s when I first started watching. I really liked the Adam Bomb gimmick from seeing it in the magazine.