Name the wrestler you hated the most

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I will start, Earthquake
Squashing Damien
Trying to destroy Hulkamania

Kayfabe: I wasn’t a “kayfabe” fan for all that long, but I guess it would be Ric Flair. I started watching wrestling right when he came to WWF. My older cousins loved him for all of the typical reasons that 15-20 year-old boys (who know wrestling is fake) loved Ric Flair. But to six-year-old me, he was just the annoying guy that screwed the Hulkster at Survivor Series and then somehow won the Rumble.

Reality: Shawn Michaels. 1995-96 is when I was just starting to become an obnoxious smark. I hated that he won 99% of the time and that his few losses were so melodramatic (i.e. Jose Lothario practically dying at Survivor Series 1996)… It was like going back and watching 1988-92 Hogan as an adult, but I was living it in real time with HBK.

Triple H and his Sledgehammer were just annoying.

Thinking back over the past 20+ years I think the wrestler I hated most was also the worst wrestler I’ve ever seen and that was Great Khali in WWE. He was unwatchable in every sense and I actively avoided Smackdown in the years he was most active. And then his matches on the joint PPV’s like WrestleMania or SummerSlam were always total wastes of time.

But some other honorable mentions:

  • Val Venis in the attitude era - A gimmick that made me embarrassed to be a fan.
  • Goldust in the attitude era - For the same reason as Val Venis.
  • Viscera in any era - Another terrible wrestler I couldn’t stand.

I usually didn’t have an issue with the “over rated” wrestlers who may or may not have had bad reputations like HHH, HBK, Cena, Hogan, etc. At least on camera there has been some redeeming point in their long careers when I definitely rooted for each of them.

Never, ever liked The Rock.

Keep in mind there is a 20 year gap in my wrestling fandom spanning 1999-2019, so I’ll pick one from back then and one more modern one.

Older: Vince McMahon. Couldn’t believe he would sacrifice his own daughter to the Ministry of Darkness. Not cool. And damn why’s he gotta be such a hard-ass for a boss? Austin is just trying to crack a few cold ones and enjoy himself!

Modern: The Miz. He’s just so boring. I still don’t understand what he did over the last two decades to ingratiate himself to Vince and the gang to be pushed over far more exciting wrestlers like Ricochet or Aleister Black.

That’s a good one that popped into my head as well. Never was a fan of the “big fat useless guy” gimmick, even as a kid. I think Viscera deserves an honourable mention. I missed out on Yokozuna in his prime, but he falls into this same category for me.

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The first name that comes to mind is David Flair. Yes, nepotism is part and parcel of the wrestling business, in fact in a sense it’s encouraged because you can do so much with family ties. That’s why i hated David Flair so much. The son of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time handed a career on a silver platter and he couldn’t even be bothered to look like a wrestler in WCW. Charlotte is how “nepotism” is done right.

Most recently I had a strong disdain for Taichi and Yoshi-Hashi. I was very wrong about Taichi, and I was not that wrong about Yoshi-Hashi and still hate him. Love Taichi though now. Can’t believe I’m saying this.

Have always found Bob Holly particularly useless. Like watching paint dry useless. Hard to say “hate” because I do respect all these performers over time doing this profession.

The Great Khali or Giant Gonzalez.

Lol the “crazy” David Flair stuff is just so perplexing.

Like Cornette, the Young Bucks.

But unlike Cornette, I did like Kenny Omega.

John Cena was what drove me away from wrestling for years.
David Flair was horrible. In every sense of the word.

HBK from 95-98 and HHH from 2002-

Both guys who, IMO, used their influence to make themselves look good and not necessarily the company or other more deserving talent.

Hogan 88-95 -

Was always a Savage guy (as a kid) and never bought into the all American hogan.

Miz 2011

Worst Mania main eventer of all time and devalued the title big time. Never should have gone above the mid card

As a kid the guy I hated more than anyone was Ted DiBiase, but that was in a good way.

If we are talking as an adult and outside of the world of kayfabe, while I thought HHH was a great performer, I hated how pushed he was in the mid 2000’s. He just seemed to have a way of hurting his opponents after a feud. Though to be fair, when he did put someone over, it meant something (ie. Benoit, Cena). I can’t say I hated him, but he made it hard to watch at times with the way he made guys like Booker T, RVD, Kane, Jeff Hardy etc. look like trash.

I’d say the same thing about Cena and Roman (pre heel turn) as well.

Right now I’d say Corbin, guy is a good heel, but once he steps in the ring his style is just sooooo boring. He’s had good matches, I remember a triple threat match he had on SD a few years back with AJ and Dolph, amazing match, same goes for his KOTR matches, but his typical SD matches are just the worst.

I also feel similarly about Moxley. Guys a great promo, but I get so bored with him in main event matches. His match against Brian Cage for example was just awful. Granted there is only so much a guy of his level can do against guys like Cage, Archer, The Butcher, Brodie Lee etc.

Jericho should have held on to the strap and ended his reign against Omega in the spot Moxley is in right now. Hopefully they take the belt off him and he goes back to being in the upper mid card opposed to the centrepiece of the show. Anyways, I’m going off topic as my point is that what bothers me most is when people are over pushed.

I don’t think anyone can “hate” Jinder, but his run was so boring and booked terribly. Now it’s like it didn’t even happen and he’s nowhere no to seen.

I couldn’t stand Greg The Hammer Valentine.
I just wanted to fast forward all his fights zzz

I really disliked JBL for years as somebody who truly got the push because Hunter didn’t want to work Tuesdays. That said, he had some good programs I enjoyed.


My biggest issue with JBL was I felt he lacked believability as a main eventer. He went from tag team mid carder to being in the main event in like 1 month.

Love the one night stand reference lol.