Nanae Takahashi exiting role as President of SEAdLINNNG

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Nanae Takahashi leaving her position after six years as President of SEAdLINNNG.

After opting to leave STARDOM in 2015, Nanae Takahashi along with Natsuki Taiyo announced the formation of their SEAdLINNNG promotion. Takahashi is the President and Taiyo serves as the Senior Managing Director. Today, Nanae confirmed that she is leaving the promotion and will be wrapping up at the December 29th show at Korakuen Hall.

Nanae shared that she was diagnosed with depression in 2017 and since finding that out, she has been undergoing treatment for it. Also, back in October, Nanae underwent knee surgery.

Actually, I became depressed in 2017. I was diagnosed with depression, and I felt like I wasn’t , I would cause trouble for everyone.

As far as her future goes, Nanae does plan on working as a freelancer. She thinks this is her last run in wrestling and does not know how much longer she can continue on.

I think this is my last life of wrestling. I don’t know how much longer I have left, but I don’t think I need to set a goal. I think I was able to open a little hole are gone, so I think we’ll be fine.




— 高橋奈七永🌱 NANAE TAKAHASHI (@nanaracka) December 14, 2021

Nanae is 42 years of age. She began her in-ring career in the mid-1990s and has worked with All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, Ice Ribbon and over the last six years, she was a part of STARDOM and served SeAdLINNNG as a talent and the promotion’s President.