Naomi was unsure of reaction she'd get at Royal Rumble considering how she left WWE

Originally published at Naomi was unsure of reaction she'd get at Royal Rumble considering how she left WWE

It felt good for Naomi to receive the energy she got. 

Entering the 2024 women’s Royal Rumble match at the number two spot was Trinity Fatu (Naomi). She had been away from the company for two years after walking out alongside Mercedes Moné f.k.a. Sasha Banks

Naomi went on to have a run in IMPACT/TNA and became the Knockouts World Champion. She held the title until the Hard To Kill pay-per-view

She was interviewed by Going Ringside With The Local Station and stated that it was always a matter of when she would go back to WWE. 

WWE is home, you know? It was never a doubt about returning. It was just a matter of when and me wanting to prove some things and do some things that I needed to do for myself and I did that, I accomplished that and it was just time. I missed it so much and WWE is always family.

Speaking about the reception she received at Royal Rumble, she was unsure of how the crowd would react considering how she left. 

Yeah, one of the longest times being in the (Royal) Rumble and it just felt really good to return and to be received by that live audience and it’s scary because I have been gone for almost two years so, you’re not sure how you’re gonna be received; if you’re gonna get cheered or booed, especially with the way that I left. So it was very nerve-racking but, it felt really good to receive all that positive energy and get the chant of ‘welcome back’ and I’ve been on a roll ever since so, one of the greatest nights ever.

Naomi is going to be featured at WrestleMania 40. She’ll be teaming with Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill to take on Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai, Kairi Sane & Asuka). She spoke highly of Cargill and stated that she’s a big supporter of her. 

I am a big supporter of Jade (Cargill). I actually linked up with Jade before she came to WWE and just fell in love with her. I think she’s super talented, she’s an incredible athlete and I think she is going to be a huge star and accomplish great things here in the WWE and I’m just excited to watch her journey. We’ll see where she and I fall in at together but, I hope it’s definitely with her and not against her because she is one strong specimen.

Fellow Damage CTRL member IYO SKY is going to be in singles action at WrestleMania as she’ll be defending the WWE Women’s Championship against 2024 women’s Royal Rumble winner, Bayley. 

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