Nate Milton appreciation thread

This is a general shoutout to a great member of the POST wrestling family. Nate’s positivity and insights are amazing!


And love that Nate is a fellow DC and Marvel fanatic like some of us. He’s is just awesome to listen to.

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A man so generous and sacrificial, he has willingly subjected himself to TNA, 2000’s WCW and the Scorpion King for the people. God bless brother Nate :100:


We haven’t even reached The Toothfairy :joy:

:beers: Brother Nate

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Nate is a brother’s brother and i am not a brother,brother

We haven’t yet reached the Toothfairy, but I’m pretty sure May is going to be Doom and watching that movie is a fate worse then death. A 1/5 Jabroni Joint is too high for that film.

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Was scared this was a memorial thread.

Glad its not…Nate is aces. :100:

Thanks to Nate, a friend and I refer to each other as “brother man”…

All because it never dawned on me that he was actually saying “Brother Mann” until I heard him on a different show talking to “Brother Pollock” and “Brother Ting”.


From the good days of the Brotherhood, the Kings of Sport, Keep It Inc till now. The hardest working man in podcasting is none other than Nate ‘the Great’ Milton!

I will look forward to hear his review of “Moana!”

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