Nattie and Alexa on plane to Supershow thingy?

Rumours going around that there maybe a womens match at super show them

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This show gets better and better :slight_smile:

It’s really more stacked that WM apart from
Ronda and Becky and Bryan. You have UT and Goldberg on this along with a HHH match that should be way better than Batista match and a Brock and Seth triple threat. Add in the crazy battle Royale and the Finn and Andrade match and I think this may be the show to beat this year.

Now we may be adding women? If they do the WWE has done a great job of bringing about change

this would be great for WWE if they are able to pull this off last minute. I was already hype for this show anyway but adding a women’s match to the card would be a historical moment for WWE and the country in general and would prove that WWE wasn’t talking through their hat when they say they wanted to bring change.

Whilst it will be awesome if it happens but unless there is something that I’m missing, I just can’t see The Saudi’s backing down from their beliefs on 2 days notice.

Wouldn’t it be something everybody connected to the event be shouting from the rooftops.

My guess, they are there maybe for the panel as well as being ambassadors in some capacity.

It just seems all too sudden. Hopefully I’m wrong

They would definitely promote it if it was actually going to happen which it tells me it’s not going to happen.

If there is going to be a match, I think it would be something more significant than Natalya and Alexa.

What could happen is that they will do a video package and then announce it in ring for the next Saudi show.

Also Steph will be all over it.

If Nattie and Alexa are there, they will be used in backstage interviews/skits, to try and put on the pretense that Vince didn’t take his show to one of the world’s most repressive regimes.

Some speculation that those two have ring attire that covers everything. I guess it’s possible if this was a last minute thing.

This could be like the time they did sasha/alexa match a few years ago in abu Dhabi. They didn’t talk about it before doing it but plug the shit out of it after the fact.

So i wouldn’t be surprise if something happens last minute.

It’s been reported that they are trying to push for it.

They did it. They are truly trying to make change!

Nothing reported as of yet that a match is going ahead.
Maybe Alexa will have to bark like a dog for the prince’s enjoyment

They are in Instagram visiting children in a hospital with several of the men. Nothing about any match as of yet.

It was shutdown by the saudi government as reported by Meltzer. WWE is trying to get them to agree to do that match for the november show.

So at less they aren’t giving up on trying to change things and get the women’s on the show somehow, it’s going to be hard work for WWE but i still believe they will be able to someday have one women’s match on the card.

I mean I guess that would be a little progress

But the WWE doesn’t give a shit about making changes

Unless it’s changes to the script while the show is in progress. Vince loves doing those kinda changes

I mean they don’t really care about being progressive or changing the country


But, but, but… Making people smile, and being agents of change is the reason these shows happen! The hundreds of millions in blood money is just a nice reward for doing that other stuff.


My bad

Apologies to the wwe

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