Navigating through COVID-19 as a Routeman and Wrestling Fan

Hey POSTmarks!

Wanna say that this community continues to be one of the best for wrestling fans. With the Coronavirus cutting through the world, it’s good to have these forums where we can actually use the internet in meaningful ways.
I know that many of you all are truck drivers, delivery people, caretakers, service men and women. I fit this mold too as I’m a routeman for a vending company in TX. Thanks to all of you that may just be “doing your job” as I am. A lot of ppl out there need our help, our products. But a lot of ppl are scared and cautious, including me.

I needed to see wrestling last night. As dangerous as it is for everyone in WWE and AEW to be doing what they do right now, I commend them for trying to alleviate this threat of a deadly virus that looms in all of our minds. I have many ppl come to me and tell me thanks for my hard work while I’m in the midst of feeling shelves in the middle of super busy supermarkets with way more than 50 people inside. I know I’m alone. It’s my job but right now it’s a service. And for a lot of us here in this forum, wrestling is our service. It is why we watch it when it’s bad or good or special like ot was last night. Damn this is long lol.

Once again, thanks you community and to all the hard working service people out there just “doing your jobs”. It is appreciated, but still BE SAFE and WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!


When you consider everywhere we are NOT social distancing right now, I’m with you that the shows are appreciated even whether good or bad content wise.

Enjoyed reading this perspective @WillMarelle


Thank you for your service. As I said on our shows I was pretty conflicted about new programs, but I understand and can appreciate how much benefit they provide audiences during a really difficult time.


Thanks Wai! The work that you all do is just as important and needed.

I’m super appreciative of the people working in essential businesses. Huge thanks.

But wrestling is not essential right now IMO. Everyone go back and watch 96-97 ECW on the network.


You’re correct. It’s not essential. I’m conflicted about wanting wrestling to push through this in some form, but I want everyone to be safe. Part of me feels selfish because I enjoyed Dynamite and NXT while knowing the risks involved. But part of me wanted to see how wrestling responds to this in its own way. But as much as I wanted to see these shows this week, I do not want to see Blood & Guts or WrestleMania right now. But I still would miss everything not in-ring.

Thanks MJ! Much appreciated

Yeah, basically everything sucks right now.