NCAA March Madness 2021 Discussion Thread

I would like to create a thread here about the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament as we’re finally gonna have some sense of normalcy here. If you gonna wanna list out y’alls brackets or who y’all got for the Final Four, feel free to discuss it here!

For my Final Four, I got Gonzaga, Illinois, Ohio State and Texas and I’m biased as living in Chicago, so I’m picking my BIG 10 champs, Fighting Illini to go all the way this year!

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Go Texas Tech!

In my heart Texas Tech wins.

…On my bracket I have Gonzaga, Baylor, Illinois, Alabama in my final four.

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Time of death of my bracket:
5:20pm Eastern Time. Oral Roberts, you’ve humbled me.

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Well, that sucked. Bright side: I no longer have an investment in any of the games, so I no root for chaos. Thanks Oral Roberts?

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Or I guess I could root for my alma mater. OU taking out the ‘defending’ champs. I have already jumped on the bandwagon and await its inevitable crash & burn. Fun times.

Sister Jean has done it again. I got humbled so badly. Never pick Illinois again. :joy:

Little delayed here but I’m a Syracuse alum so I’m obviously backing the 2-3 Zone!!

How cool is it that…
Loyola Chicago bears Illinois
Abbaleine Christian Beat Texas
Oral Roberts advanced same time Oklahoma State loses.
3 tiny schools beating or winning when the big state schools go down is always interesting to me. Go little guys!

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