Need Help from Someone Who Has Access to NJPW World

Now that I have your attention, now read.

I want you to look at the Best of the Super Juniors 26 (i.e. last year’s tournament), namely its opening montage.

Is one of the gaijin’s shown Chris Benoit?

To boot, I have seen many featured broadcasts from the company show his likeness on many of their commercials. It’s strange to see that while WWE makes all their efforts killing his memory, other companies, like NJPW, wouldn’t really mind keeping some of his stuff on screen.

I’m not nitpicking, just that trivia happens.

Ya, NJPW doesn’t really shy away from showing Benoit (aka Wild Pegasus). I believe he was even in the video package at Liger’s retirement ceremony.

Jeff Fox
Editor-in-chief of Strong Style (NJPW site)
Editor-in-chief of the MMA Manifesto