Need of recommendations on WrestleMania 35 events and lodging

Hey guys, I am going to my first Wrestlemania weekend and I’m getting my tickets prepared for both NXT Takeover in Barclays as I’m speaking right now. I’m also considering going to WrestleCon since they’re looking like they have a great line up right now.

Any other independent events you guys can recommend for the weekend and I need some suggestions on any logical hotels in Manhattan or New Jersey to stay at. I appreciate the help, guys.

Jake from The Windy City

I would strongly recommend anyone coming to town for WM weekend look to book hotels in NYC as it is most centrally locates for all events, despite MetLife being in NJ.
There are no shortage of hotels here - just a matter of pricing and comfort level with where you stay.

With WWE running Barclays (Brooklyn), some promotions running mid town, and some running Jersey City - look to stay around midtown(5th ave to 8th ave) in the 20s/30s/40s which has easy access to all the public transit you’ll need.

The path train to JC is located on 33rd street and 6th and it’s like a 15 minute trip (path train is a subway to Jersey). There are plenty of ways to get to Brooklyn and most subways run right to Barclays from midtown (Grand Central Station is on 42nd but there are stops all over to catch the train). Then Sunday Nj Transit will run special trains from Penn Station which is right under the Garden on 33rd and 7th/8th. This eliminates the need for driving and while congested, the subway system is efficient and I use the Nj Transit Path trains all the time.

New York isn’t the best city for this kind of weekend as there is just so much congestion but if you plan around trains you can ensure it won’t take longer than 20/30 minutes to get anywhere.

Hope that helps. Sorry my Studio…Apartment is not big enough to host everyone

But specifically, what hotels would you personally recommend? Looking for specific names.

Okay so I put together this basic map of where venues and major transit hubs are:

  1. Wrestlecon - Hilton in Times Square
  2. Melrose Ballroom where MLW is running
  3. Jersey City where Game Changer is running
    Barclays - WWE events
    MSG - ROH/NJPW (also across the street is Hammerstein Ballroom, not sure if anyone is running there)
    And not pictured is Met Life

Orange Triangle is Grand Central - subways to Brooklyn/Queens and shuttle to Time Sq;
MSG is right on top of Penn Station - NJ Transit and subways
Blue Triangle is the Path Train to New Jersey station at 33rd street (there are other stops along the way, and another big hub at the tip of NY around the Freedom Tower which is pretty much where you see the New York listed)

Thanks for the map, man. I am planning on driving there though, how much are tolls usually? Gonna be a pain to drive around the city. If not, I’ll find a spot to keep my car and use the PATH.

Tolls into the city are now upwards of $15. So if you are driving I would strongly recommend staying in NJ to park cheaper and then take transit into the city for any events you plan on seeing in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens.
There are also tolls to take the tunnels and bridges from Manhattan to other Boroughs and parking around venues is NOT cheap. I understand folks will drive in to town for this event but avoid using your car as much as you can once here if you want to be cost conscious and avoid traffic. The city will be crowded for the weekend and as is, it can take 15-20 minutes to get from Midtown to Lower Manhattan on just an average weekday.

As for a specific hotel - I know there are a ton of Courtyard Marriott and Hilton type hotels in midtown around the 30s between Madison Avenue and 7th Ave that shouldn’t break the bank. There are hundred of hotels so just google map search hotels in that area. If you don’t mind breaking the bank and are looking to really stay at some trendy or nice places I can provide recommendations but not my area of expertise as I live here. I am sorry. If you find some you want an opinion on I am happy to provide but not as comfortable throwing out names as recommendations.

Took a look at the Hilton at Midtown and immediately, you’re in the heart of Manhattan and at Mania weekend already. Also, WrestleCon is taking place so I’ll probably consider that. Thanks for the info.