Netflix announces GLOW renewed for a fourth and final season

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This story contains spoilers from the third season of GLOW.

Netflix has announced that GLOW has been renewed for a fourth and final season.

The news comes over a month after the release of its third season to the streaming platform and questions regarding its fate.

#Glow has been renewed for a fourth and final season!

— See What’s Next (@seewhatsnext) September 20, 2019

The series, created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, premiered in the summer of 2017 and received critical acclaim based on the popular mid-80’s television show and Netflix documentary on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Cast members Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, and Marc Maron have received numerous nominations for their performances, including Gilpin for most Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Brie and Maron have also been nominated for Screen Actors Guild awards while the series itself was nominated for most Outstanding Comedy Series at the 2018 Emmys while winning for Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Program and Outstanding Stunt Coordination with Shauna Diggins winning in 2018 and 2019. In total, GLOW has received fifteen Emmy nominations throughout its run.

The third season ended with Gilpin’s character, Debbie Eagan, working alongside Bash Howard to purchase a Los Angeles-based television station with plans to launch their own wrestling company with new characters. This would appear to be the backdrop for the fourth season after leaving Las Vegas at the end of the recent season.

For reviews of each episode of GLOW Season 3, check out our reviews on the POST Wrestling Café.

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The topless scenes in season 3 were great but hopefully the show returns to the standards of the first 2 seasons and is actually more wrestling related.

I’d say if the only reason you enjoyed season 3 was topless scenes then I doubt the final season will be for you.

Dude, it looks like you’ve got the internet, you’re going to love it.

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You seem to have missed the part where I said the first two seasons were better because it had more to do with the reason why I watched the show to begin with (it being a wrestling drama/comedy). I wasn’t saying “the topless scenes were great so hopefully we get nothing but that in the final season”.

Glad to have helped you understand the very obvious point I made. :wink:

Unfortunately your original post comes across as “if they weren’t wrestling at least they were topless.” Essentially if your idea was to convey the idea that you prefer the show with more wrestling why even bring up the toplessness.

If you don’t have an enjoyable show then people will concentrate on the toplessness. And as @Tony pointed out, I have the internet, I can get that joy elsewhere. Once again, this isn’t me saying that the show should’ve been endless tit shots so let’s not have people get on their high horse about someone mentioning toplessness.

Tackling social issues is great, it adds a different dynamic to the show but basically running the same storyline in a few different ways with different people while doing very little of the wrestling stuff wasn’t enjoyable. Even the wrestling stuff they did was more like a school play. They could’ve balanced things out a lot better in my opinion and it would’ve been a more enjoyable season. Hope that’s okay for me to say and no one feels the need to be a night in shining armour.

Meh I disagree with your entire first statement, but you are free to feel however you want I suppose.

If you want to watch wrestling, watch wrestling, if you want to see boobs, disable your parental guidance settings and fire in.

A comedy/drama originally set around a wrestling company isn’t where you should be getting your fix of either. It’s like saying I want less comedy and more admin in the office.

If you didn’t enjoy this season of glow, fair enough, but if, out of nowhere, you wanted to point out that one aspect you did enjoy was getting to see female body parts, it doesn’t take a *knight in shining army to make a judgement on that.

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All three paragraphs missing the point even after I clarified. Desperate to be seen on a high horse. Well done…

I thought your point was that, apart from the topless scenes in season 3 you didn’t enjoy it as you wanted to see more wrestling, like in the previous 2 seasons.

Apologies for not understanding what your actual point was.

That was my point but all of your posts beforehand suggested that all I wanted was to see tits and I didn’t know that I could find more tits on the internet…

If you get the point then talk as if you get the point. I didn’t know that liking tits would throw off so many people from the point that I didn’t think the season was great. “How dare you mention the toplessness!!! That’s probably all you want to see!!!”… :unamused:

Ah, so if I got your point, all my replies were just my opinion that it wasn’t a good point. Glad to have cleared that up.

I just commented because noting the toplessness makes you sound tacky and misogynistic. You wouldn’t remark similarly about a wrestling show about men that you didn’t enjoy. So if you just didn’t like the wrestling being focused on less why not just say that instead of bringing up the toplessness at all. But to each their own I suppose.

No. You ignored the actual point in your replies just so you could pretend the point was something else in order to give yourself the opportunity to pretend you said something clever. An unfortunate fail.

Seeing as I need to dumb it down for you, here’s how things went down:

Me: The topless scenes were great but this season wasn’t as good as the first 2 seasons. Hopefully the final season goes back to being as good as the first 2 seasons.

You: OMG, you like topless scenes. You probably just want to see topless scenes and don’t care about the story. Just watch porn.

Me: No, I want the show to go back to being like the first 2 seasons. That’s not me complaining about a lack of topless scenes…

You: If you just want topless scenes, just use your internet machine. That’s obviously all you care about.

Me: That’s not what I said…

You: You’re saying you didn’t like this season as much as the first 2?

Me: Ye.

You: Then watch porn if all you want is nudity.

Me: ?

An accurate representation of the discussion so far.

Are you genuinely going to act surprised and pretend there’s no difference and there should be no difference in how straight men react to topless women when compared to topless men? How is this a controversy…? Let’s have female wrestlers wrestle topless, if people react differently in any way to men wrestling topless then they’re a misogynist? Really?

If I had said that’s all they’re good for then you might have a point but I’m actually saying that I wish the story was as good as the first 2 seasons. That’s the main point. In terms of “why even mention it?” the answer is simple, I thought I’d give a balanced review of the season and also mention what I thought was good. :eyes: I also thought the Marc Meron storyline with his daughter was interesting.

You could say that was an unnecessary comment which is fair but I thought this was a forum where people aren’t wrapped so tightly and I didn’t know a throwaway comment would cause a stir. I apologise. I didn’t know I had to walk on eggshells. I’ll move forward while assuming there are tumblr users on here and not talk like people talk to each other in real life…

Ha ha, their must be something wrong with my eyes and my typing, because that’s not what I typed or what I’m reading. Entertaining though, sounds like you’re self conscious about people accusing you of something and had your defence ready to go before they did.

I guess it is just a difference of how you talk to people in real life and I do. I would never break down a show and say “On the positive side there were naked women, but everything else was a real negative.” It has become such a trivial thing in modern media with streaming services HBO etc, that I just don’t even care. As a father of 2 daughters maybe that colors my perspective but my review of a series IRL would never amount to “This season was a real let down but at least I got to see some tits.”

Also for purposes of sexualizing men or women I don’t really think there is much difference (yes there is in society between topless men and women ) between saying what you said and say a woman reviewing say Aquaman and saying it sucked but at least it had a shirtless Jason Momoa.

It is what it is opinion wise it just makes me value the opinion of that person less.

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Hope I never reach this level of “wokeness” or “conservatism” or “progressivism” or whichever way you want to spin it. If someone’s offended by women saying they liked seeing Jason Momoa topless or they find Roman Reigns attractive then I don’t think I’d be able to take that person seriously. Same when it’s the other way round. Just my opinion.

Cool opinion. It’s not about being politically correct or woke, if anything @Breng77 is advising you on how you come across and encouraging self reflection, and all you’ve done is be antagonistic in return. I’m pretty sure you’re just trolling for an argument, hence why I’ve been sarcastic and dismissive in return, but whatever floats your boat. Have a nice evening. :+1: