NETFLIX REVIEW: Icarus (2017)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review the Oscar-winning 2017 Netflix original documentary Icarus, directed by Bryan Fogel:

A major Olympic cheating scandal is uncovered by accident by an American documentary filmmaker and a Russian scientist, when they realize their combined knowledge points fingers at Russia’s secret sports doping program. (Rotten Tomatoes)

In this hour-plus review, we discuss our thoughts on the many twists of this incredible documentary, its impact on Russia’s ban from the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, as well as our individual views about drug testing and PED use in professional wrestling and MMA.

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Great review and discussion guys. I look forward to watching this doc myself.

My point of view on those who get caught cheating should have a life time ban immediately. But I understand that some times there are reasons for false positive test or athletes mistakenly taking banned substances, so an immediate ban might be a bit harsh. But it all boils down to these this, these athletes are given the privilege to compete in these sports and if they can’t follow the rules then they shouldn’t be allowed to compete.

I totally agree with your POV. What’s your take on Performance Dehancing Drugs… for example, Weed? I understand professionalism, but I’m also still 50-50 on the USADA’s rules on IV rehydration after weigh-ins.