never turn your back on someone you respect or are afraid of

What a line to end an awesome segment.

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That was an epic promo- he has not lost a step.

That was one of the weirdest, confusing, yet captivating and awesome promos that I’ve ever heard, period.


Yeah I really liked it even though quite alot of it was vague bollocks that didn’t really mean anything. Such a shame that Jake hasn’t been used like this earlier either due to faults of his own or a lack of belief from others. Be it Brodie or Archer he could be very useful in this role.

I watched it two times afterwards - it was actually brutally smart and made ton of sense, but it was initially kinda hard to understand/follow because of his grasping voice.

It was pretty awkward. Love Jake but wasn’t that into the promo

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Yeah I would say it was average. He’s hard to understand bc of his voice and he really wasn’t clear what he was doing (bringing in a dark character?). Had some good one liners though. Mixed bag

Incredible promo. Granted I’ve watched it a few times now, but I’m not sure what was vague about it.

Jake hit it out the park. Everyone is talking about it. I love the way AEW has used legends like him.

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one of the best promos of the year IMO.
Unexpected, strong delivery. Immediately pivots Cody to a new feud (something he’s done excellent btw)

I think Archer is the most logical reveal

What if Jake is the exalted one?

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Really enjoyed the promo too, it felt unique, which I love. The mention of Caeser a few times I thought was a nice touch.


Bc his voice is messed up

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I think Luke Harper. He’s a bigger star

Meltzer brought up how everyone who has booked Jake in past 30yrs has regretted it. Let’s hope he’s Wrong

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I don’t think they will regret it. He’s on a good streak of being clean and it probably won’t be a long term thing anyway. He could be really useful and if it works out they could extend it and get him working with some others.

If this was a one-off appearance or if it is a month long, so be it.
Serves 2 purposes:

  1. introduces a new character with a legend which always is a good way to bring somebody in
  2. gets a old name out there that may appeal to lapsed fans (and he isn’t wrestling). and from there the job is to hook that viewer to tune in for other reasons

Indy promoters with no infrastructure booking a known problem like Jake in the past probably always failed. A promotion with real infrastructure and his support group around (DDP) is probably the best case for this to succeed.


This is key. As much as I would have loved to see it, I don’t even begrudge WWE for not getting more involved with Jake given his history.

Either way, I’m happy for Jake, and he’s clearly got a lot left to give to the business. The guy has had more chances that most people are ever afforded (in wresting or otherwise) and I’m rooting for him.

I mean look at Sid right now playing games with a promoter for Tampa.
Scott Hall continued to get chances.

When you are talking about this type of “legend” you kind of know what you are getting into and better have the right tools in place for success. Or limit expectations. I think DDP being there is a massive help.

I also remember reading that Roberts has a massive amount of respect for Dusty and the Rhodes Family. I think using him in a managerial role is great, because he is amazing on the mic, but he also has an incredible mind for the business and could be a huge asset creatively.

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He was alluding to the years when Jake was heavily under the influence. I believe in this new Jake. If you’ve watched that DDP documentary about him, I believe you would be too. Today I will bet my money on Jake than Sid or (unfortunately, especially) Hall in a blink of an eye.

Edit: Oh, fuck:

Jake called Cody “Caesar”.

Caesar was betrayed on the Ides of March

Ides of March is March 15th

The next show is in Rochester,NY

Who is from Rochester?