New Beginning Preview with John Pollock and WH Park

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John Pollock and WH Park chat about WH's thoughts on Wrestle Kingdom 12 from earlier this month, the key angles shot at New Year's Dash, his assessment of All Japan Pro Wrestling & Pro Wrestling NOAH for 2018 and then we preview the New Beginning cards this weekend in Sapporo and Osaka.

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I was such an enormous fan of the old JAW show with Chris and WH. I thought both of them were so good, so well prepared, and so easy to listen to, and they helped retain my interest in NJPW when I was getting into it and didn’t understand the storylines, and couldn’t understand the language to gain that understanding.

But, like, there was, like, something about this show that like, was like, a bit, like, annoying? Like, it was really difficult to not get, like, really frustrated by it. And like, whatever it was that was, like, frustrating me - once it like, started, I couldn’t like… like, not be driven like crazy by it. I like, understand how much, like, work goes into these, like, podcasts. But, like, John you should’ve like, really given some, like, consideration to, like, re-recording this podcast. It’s, like, the least professional podcast that, like, Post Wrestling has, like, done so far. I really didn’t, like… like… like it, you know?

Seriously, I was and am a fan of Chris and WH’s work. And I don’t know if it was down to preparation, or just a lack of of recent practice on the mic, but if WH didn’t say “like” at least 300 fucking times during this podcast then I’m not here typing this. It’s a teenage girl trait, and it drives me fucking insane.

I appreciate that we got this extra podcast this week and John, I absolutely appreciate how much you’re busting your ass in the infancy of Post Wrestling. So I hate giving negative feedback - especially about a guest that I like - but this podcast became unlistenable.

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Nope, that feedback is very fair. I just started the pod today and I had to turn it off. Park has great opinions, but he’s always done that. It isn’t new.

It was really tough.


I miss the old JAW show as well but didn’t recall it being a like-fest. Interesting to hear others picked up on it too.

I wonder if John and Mouth could do a NJPW pod because I know Mouth was always down to talk Japan when It came up in the other place.


It was impossible not to notice

By listening to this podcast, one would think that All Japan was the Japanese promotion to watch in 2018. It sounds like WH knows his stuff, but he throws out so many left field opinions “Red Shoes is the worst ref in any major promotion” and “Omega is a cheesy promo in English” that it’s harder than it should be to take his analysis seriously. The verbal tics (Likes and You Knows) were definitely distracting and even started to rub off on Pollock after a while! Get WH to slow down and reduce those and it would be a much easier listen.

I thought those particular critiques were very well reasoned and showed a lack of influence from experiencing New Japan as a novelty like most of us in the West currently are. It’s fine to criticize a broadcaster for using too (too) many verbal crutches, but I thought the content of the show was great.

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He’s always said that Omega was a cheesy promo. So that wasn’t suprising. In fact I think others in the JAW crew felt the same way.

I think the “like” thing was less apparent in the old JAW cause you had the awesome Chris Charlton kind of playing ring leader. That said I wasn’t all that annoyed by this.

But really man, hating on Red Shoes like that? Thats rough dude. I get what he means but I feel like thats more of a New Japan ref thing. I mean Tiger Hattori is one of the worst for being the “idiot ref” yet the dude is a well respected legend.

I’d love to hear a Charlton in a one on one with John on some of the puroresu stuff. Not on the regular but ya know before one of the big cards maybe, such as Dominion or the Strong Style Evolved show.

I actually agree with WH on Red Shoes - he’s a really terrible ref. Hearing wrestlers talk about it on various podcasts really solidifies it as well.

That said, he’s a pretty central part of New Japan, so it’s not like I wish they’d get rid of him. I just wish he was a bit better at his job.

Wait… people don’t think Kenny’s English promo’s are cheesy? I mean, each to their own and everything, but for real when Omega speaks English he sounds like a 80’s B-movie action movie villain or a dubbed anime character. Or for the wrestling comparison; he sounds like the dubbed voice WWE gave Kaientai during the end of the Attitude era. I assume it’s because he’s spent so long in Japan and even when he is using English in his promo’s he simplifies it so not too much is lost in translation (which is a perfectly acceptable reason) but it still sounds cheesy to a Western ear and when he’s addressing an English speaking crowd he still does it; whether out of routine or because he wants to give them the Omega they know from New Japan who speaks like that.

Also, I love Red Shoes but fuck does he manage to get all the attention on him when he wants to.

Genuinely did not notice WH using “like” that much at all. It’s possible that I’ve been made immune to such things from listening to Shawn Michael’s say “y’know” every other fucking word on every podcast he’s ever on. Todd Martin does that too, I noticed recently… but I didn’t notice it with WH at all.

While I love any extra podcasts the guys give us, I didn’t care for WH at all. While what they talked about was interesting and entertaining, I though WH sounded whiney and annoying. This was my first time listening to him. I would have much rather heard John and Wai do the show. He’s not my cup of tea.

I never noticed all the ‘likes’ really. And whilst I don’t agree with all of WH’s opinions, he has been following the product closely and longer than most of us, plus it’s good to hear differing viewpoints and he’s a great guy for John to bounce his own thoughts off.

Content was very good, crutches will be improved upon with more reps. I like WH. Wouldn’t mind rotating folks on these though. My request for Mouth stands