New Conrad Podcast

So, I thought Id start a post with ideas on who we would like to see Conrad replace Bruce with? I think Jake Roberts would be so good!!!

Arn Anderson seems the obvious choice.

Arn Anderson wouldn’t be a bad choice. With him, you could cover a lot of ground with the more modern inner workings of WWE or go old school with some classic NWA or WCW nostalgia. I also wouldn’t rule out him doing several mini podcast series with a bunch of different people in the business. 83 Weeks should have been like this IMO, but it continues to go on.

Vince Russo would actually be a good fit if both parties were willing there’s a lot of topics there for Conrad and Russo to debate over wwf wcw tna. The magic of show is the chemistry between the two which is something that will certainly be hard to replicate, say want about Bruce Prichard he’s incredibly entertaining to listen too.

Russo would be good but i think there might be some heat there between Conrad and Russo

Just read Bischoffs latest tweet toward Something to Wrestle With. Either hes joking or Bruce leaving the podcast was not expected. Starting to think with this and Conrad not commenting on it makes me think he didnt leave the show on good terms

Brian Gewirtz would be good. Really funny when he was on edge and Christians podcast.

Russo is already doing that with Matt Koon who’s becoming Conrad lite.

Personally, I think a pod with Dixie would be very interesting.

Why not Dave Meltzer? He’s written more about things that never happened during Bruce’s time in WWE that he is an expert. His insight into things that never happened in WCW would be a compliment to 83 Weeks too.

Nice call. I think that would be interesting.

I can’t see Dave Meltzer doing anything like that unless it’s in house as part of the WON output…and if he did he wouldn’t need to collaborate with Conrad to do it.

The rumor and innuendo is that Conrad could be doing his next podcast with Jim Ross.

He does it every day in house for the observer website, don’t think he can do it.

Deadman Talking.

Get ready for undertaker to “ummm, yeah, you know” for two hours.

Yeah, he’s not exactly “the best pure speaker in the business”.

I think most are assuming that a Taker podcast/live show would be great because he’s got so many years of stories to tell. But I get the feeling that the “Conscience of the WWE” / Wrestler’s Court Judge / Guy Whose Hand You Have to Shake Every Day For Some Reason is a huge protector of whatever shred of kayfabe still exists and, despite current business arrangements, probably also a strong McMahon ally.

So while I hope I’m wrong, I feel that many people should be prepared for a huge letdown if/when Taker starts doing shoot-type stuff.

I read that too. Love that idea!

Great, now we get to hear JR use “ironic” incorrectly, but this time…with a partner.

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I am not a Patreon member for STW, but someone from another wrestling message board is claiming that they released the show early on Patreon late last night and they announced the Prichard podcast is continuing but there won’t be any live shows after Starrcast. I’m kind of shocked the show is continuing.

Don’t they already have a video version of STW on the WWE Network? Prichard actually re-joining WWE and the podcast continuing doesn’t seem all that surprising in retrospect. Seems like just another case of WWE consuming what they thought of as a ‘threat’ into their own brand.