New Japan Cup 2020 (Ospreay vs Shingo)

Bracket revealed 20 minutes ago :slight_smile:

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Two obvious standout matches at 1st glance Ospreay-Shingo & Ibushi vs ZSJ

Nagata vs Suzuki should be a cracking match I’m well up for that one!


If this was the World Cup this would be the group of death minus Mikey and Taichi

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This is mouth-watering. Guess that Shingo/Ospreay sequence on the Nakanishi show wasn’t just for shits n’ giggles.

Pretty jazzed tbh. Smart money is on SANADA beating White, but the road there Si super interesting

Okada vs Jay White is also in the first round which is surprising. Like @Jonnieskull said, Nagata v Suzuki should be a cracking match. Haven’t really followed NJPW since WK, but I’m really excited for this New Japan cup. This is quite an unpredictable tournament.


Taichi is going to beat Tana :persevere:

It’s funny, I actually has ZSJ going over Kota, so Tanahashi should win imo.

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Prediction Contest forthcoming

Anytime Yuji Nagata is in a singles match, I get hyyyyped!

I think Okada is going out early, Jay needs a big win.

Prediction thread up

Poor Mikey, it’s like a 99.9% chance that he’ll lose to Sanada.

Unless you have an upset win as they may not want Sanada v Ospray or Sanada v Takagi in a singles match for round 2.

All depends on how NJPW want their year to play out I guess. :thinking: