New Japan Road To Shows

I looked up to see how many shows are produced for “New Beginning” this year, and it’s quite a bit.

But instead of just concentrating on just the cards that are called “New Beginning,” there are also related cards like “Road to New Beginning.”

I’m making a collection (don’t ask), and I need clarification as to how I can properly follow along with the New Beginning events consistently

If I ignore the “Road to” shows, am I missing much?

“Road to” shows are typically where feuds for the main shows are enhanced or sometimes less important title matches are held. If two people are going to have a title match at New Beginning, they’ll be in tag matches against each other during the build up shows. Often times in those matches they’ll have spots that get referenced in their title match, like one of them struggling to hit a signature move or something. They’re not required to watch but can definitely enhance your viewing of the main shows.


Thanks for the answer, xaaronx.

The way shows are fashioned in New Japan is that that action seem within an hour is already excessive. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t use that hour to judge the entire show, but usually NJPW cards have too much action that I’m burnt out on spotfests.

They sometimes feature matches for the lesser titles, and as it happens the NEVER six-man match from the Oct 23rd Road To show was very substantial and very different from the way those titles matches have been run until now. Well worth checking out.

But yeah, like xaaronx says they’re predominantly there to flesh out feuds. My general policy is that I’ll watch any Young Lion singles matches on Road To shows, any title matches, and then if a particular feud or wrestler feels really hot at the time I’ll stop to check it out.