New LIJ member to be revealed Oct 8

Who do we think it is?


Could it be Dragon Lee?

I understand he’s involved in a reality TV show, but…he makes sense from a place of having all of the some/all of the members relate to the larger group.

Isn’t he who broke Hiromu’s neck and don’t they have a career long rivalry?

I’m hoping it’s Pac

This sounds bananas, but I don’t know how much the neck breaking will weigh into it. Dragon Lee’s brother is Rush, one of the LI OG’s. Hiromu went on about how much he loved Dragon Lee during BOSJ earlier this year.

I have little knowledge of Dragon Gate, but didn’t Pac just join a heel stable? Is he just freelancing?

I don’t know much about Dragon Gate either but feels an exclusive deal there is beneath Pac.

Yoshi-Hashi breaking his face was a work, so that he can come back under a mask and join LIJ.


Genuinely LOL’d

I think it will be Neville/PAC. I doubt his deal with Dragon Gate is exclusive. That would be silly on his part.

I like PAC as the pick, he can fill the Jr. Role while Hiromu is out and would add a lot of attention. I know he returned at dragon gate but don’t see him just working there. I can’t think of many others to be fair, that is what’s so interesting about this. It could be someone completely out of left field.

It might be one of the Young Lions

Shingo Takagi? I don’t know if the dates would line up but he’s said he’s leaving dragon gate soon.