New matches announced for WWE Fastlane this Sunday

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There were several matched added to Sunday’s Fastlane pay-per-view during Raw, including the announcement of The Shield reuniting for a six-man tag.

During Monday’s episode of Raw in Philadelphia, the show built up to the reunion of The Shield for one more match and culminated with Dean Ambrose coming to the aid of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. The three fought off the contingent of Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Baron Corbin. Moments after the segment, the WWE confirmed the six-man tag for Sunday’s show in Cleveland, Ohio.

They also announced on the show that Charlotte Flair will take on Becky Lynch at Fastlane. If Charlotte Flair wins, it’s a singles match with Ronda Rousey and if Becky Lynch wins, it’s a triple threat match. Lynch’s storyline suspension was lifted by Stephanie McMahon with Lynch signing a “hold harmless agreement” to compete on Sunday.

To my fellow Post forum goers, what’s the buzz heading into Fastlane? Do you see this being a sneaky good card like Elimination Chamber or a forgettable B-Show?

Bryan v. Owens could be good. Not really looking forward to anything else, less so than with Elimination Chamber but who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised.

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Who is/was the online reviewer who used to brand matches as “Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling”? That’s kinda what I’m expecting. We’re “pretty sure” that we’re looking at Bryan/Kofi, Miz/Shane and Becky/Charlotte/Rousey for Wrestlemania. So I think a lot of my hope for Sunday is that we get there in an entertaining way.

And I feel like the Shield match will be an “attraction” more than anything. The lads stand tall after a clean win on Sunday and the setup for a Wrestlemania program for Reigns waits for the following night on Raw.

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This show definitely feels like a “B-Show”. It’s been hyped a little bit on Smackdown for a few weeks, but it felt like they just got into the Fastlane build on Raw this week.

I’m expecting some perfectly acceptable wrestling as well. The big question I have for this show is will Dean Amborse turn on The Shield? They may need to go to that well to get Roman in a big match for Wrestlemania. I’m not sure where else he would fit into the card. Maybe a match with McIntyre or Lashley? Those both feel more like Raw matches/TV feuds to me. I suppose the other option would be to bring back a legend for him to face.