New Show Idea Suggestions

Since the POST Wrestling Café will be a beta testing ground for new show ideas, I’d like to start the ball rolling with some fan suggestions and throw in my 2 cents:

  1. POST-MMA - this one is pretty obvious (and I’m 99% sure John is probably working on it) but I’d like to see a MMA dedicated show in the future focused on recapping major shows and discussion of the latest MMA news. This doesn’t have to be a weekly podcast like John’s MMA Show but maybe just after every UFC PPV.

  2. POST Pop Culture - I’ve always enjoyed John and Wai’s preshow (or post show spoiler) discussions of tv shows or movies they’ve watched so maybe a monthly or even bi-monthly show dedicated to the TV, movies, music, comics etc. they’ve consumed (including what they’re looking forward to).

P.S. I apologize if these ideas have already been suggested in the inaugural Christmas show but I’m only 30 mins into the podcast :wink:


There is an episode of a truly dreadful anime, Akiba’s Trip that is centred around wrestling, I couldn’t spring for the executive producer spot, and it probably is outside a suitable show to review but I would love to see Wai and Pollock take it on.

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Minoru Suzuki was on an episode of one piece which he is a big fan of apparently. I’d love to get John and Wai’s review of it as it is a Chopper based special.



I’d like to see some deep dive stuff that was started on Keep it 100 and later Keep it 2000. Look at a particular part of wrestling history or angle and run with it.

I know Survivor series 1997 has been done to death, but a show talking about everything leading up to it would be interesting. … I just realized that’s a bad example since Wrestling with Shadows did it. But do the wrestling of shadows of podcasts.


Oh god…I’ve seen this…I completely second this suggestion. The anime is quite…unique to say the least, but the wrestling theme had me marking out.

I think a Monthly show recapping all things wrestling could be interesting, where John and Wai give their thoughts on the past Month in wrestling.

Pointing out and highlighting some of the best matches from the world of pro wrestling, as well as some of the worst of the month, could be interesting to listen to. For listeners that don’t watch every single episode of every wrestling show would benefit as they would get pointers for which matches to watch from any given month.

Got this idea because of Sportsnet’s monthly best and worst shows they put on tv every month


Terrace House season commentaries??

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Terrace House reenactments :wink: I’m not actually going to watch the show, but I’ll watch John and Wai act them out.

A few suggestions

A round table discussion of 3 topics chosen by The participants and each topic has a set time limit… Maybe call it the fast count or the pin fall?

Today in wrestling segment (great for echo or Google home flash briefing)

Wrestling / MMA Flash news briefing on echo or Google home


Could be interesting if they acted it out in english. But we may be getting ahead of ourselves. This is Post Wrestling phase two or three stuff.

Or some pretty extravagant Patreon stretch goals.

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I love the idea of Post Pop Culture. The pre show banter is one of the main reasons I love the shows they do. Great suggestion.


How about the Spoiler. John spoils the latest hit shows and movies. As someone that sides with JP on spoiler rules I would totally listen to this.

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I’d enjoy a city/territory-specific history of wrestling show where they tackled a different location each episode e.g. the history of wrestling in Toronto / NYC / Chicago / Texas / UK etc… These could include interviews with leading figures, fans, the important venues and John and Wai would obviously have to visit each. The beauty of the rewinds shows is that they’re produced so fast - these history of shows could be on the NPR/This American Life end of the spectrum. More stylised and higher production level, but would be awesome if done well.

As mentioned above, I would love some sort of pop culture show where John and Wai review TV Shows and movies.


I’d like a show where they bring in a guest and just talk about some of the topics of the week/month. But I also like the idea of an OSW/Keep It 2000 show where they follow an entire storyline/time period. That might be a little hard with the huge amount of shows they’ve reviewed so they’ll probably have to watch some shows over again.


I still would like to see a review of old wrestling video games. I really liked the live review format from the Brawl For All episode.

A Top 5-10 Career Moments/Angles Show would be cool have for a number of wrestlers. John and Wai (or others) alternate between explaining why they love (or hate) certain moments of someone’s career. Sort of like Bruce Pritchard’s show but way more condensed and too the point.


I’m sure John & Wai have considered this (because they’ve already done it) but a Mystery Science Theater-style watch-along can be a lot of fun. Conrad Thompson & Tony Schiavone rescued their podcast by switching entirely to this format, and while John & Wai are much better than Conrad & Tony at all the other content, it would be great fun to hear their play-by-play takes on epic events like Starrcade '91 or This Tuesday in Texas.


yeah i miss jon’s mma report hope it return’s in some form also video podcasting of pre and post lol wwe network’s ppv’s before they take place like he did with jimmy

Bring back the comic book corner. Short reviews. I miss the Superior Spider-Man review. Wai has good comic knowledge and it’s nice to have that bounce off a non-regular reader.

Also there are a lot of wrestling themed comics like Swerved, WWE, stuff written by wrestlers and old school reviews too.

It’d be nice to have 1 Marvel, 1 DC, 1 image book or Indy book and 1 wrestling book every month.