New show like the Law?

I was just wondering if Post Wrestling is ever going to have a sunday night show like the LAW? Call in’s, rants, PPV reviews, interviews etc… Maybe even bring back the old crew?

While I love Dan and Jay, I have to say the LAW was a show that got a lot of fast forwarding for me. I really wasn’t into the fan callers, some were very hard to take.

Yeah some very cringe worthy callers.

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I’d have way more interest in a Bauer and Pollock return.

THE Law they could do monthly or quarterly. Get the gang together for a state of the business type thing.


I would love to see something like that come back.

Maybe Pollock can have different guests host with him every week and bring back interviews with Meltzer

I aggressively don’t want call-ins (though I think they’d be pretty difficult to pull off anyway). Would be stoked for interviews and PPV stuff though, even general news or whatever if its feasible. I think as long as Pollock and Friends are talking into microphones I’m here for it.

I very much agree with the anti-call-in’s stance here. I’ve held it ever since listening to a PWT livecast show where a particularly cringe-worthy caller asked why CM Punk was letting AJ Lee continue to work for WWE after he left; it had to be explained to him that AJ was her own person, with her own contract to work out with the company and Punk had no right, desire or power to control her actions…

But even before that, on non-wrestling radio shows and the like, I’ve always hated call in show because the vast majority of callers either come across as incredibly nervous, a little bit stupid, or both. If you’re gonna do a live show with fan interactions it’s simple to pull off these days with stuff like Facebook Live, and I’d definitely welcome something like that with Agnew and Mouth or John and Wai, or whoever. I may not always agree with Jason and Dan’s opinions but I find both entertaining to listen to, so would love to hear them more often here at POST; it just depends on their schedules and availability I guess.

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I found that old man that kep’t calling in and wanting to talk about women’s wrestling only, that was really creepy…Hope he never comes back

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There’s a certain charm to bad callers.

Hey now! We don’t abide by any “Reverend Jim” slander around here.

First heard the guy on “Between The Ropes” back when that was a terrestrial radio show. Can’t knock the brother’s passion for women’s wrestling. He was leading the Divas Revolution long before Stephanie McMahon turned it into a marketing ploy…Lol! :100:


Agreed with above, I found myself fast forwarding to basically just the Meltzer segment and Title Bout Trivia. Call in’s on PPV nights from people who were there were fun, but alot of other callers were just bonkers.

Angry Man Agnew is a thing of the past…

I’d love to hear more group podcasts like the best of and worst of. I do miss What’s NXT, whether it be Braden with Jay or Dave or all three.

You can hear him all the time on f4w along with John of Ark and his heavy breathing

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I’m pretty sure they said an NXT show will eventually happen.

In regards of bringing the LAW team back you have to remember that Mouth & Agnew are now doing their own thing but I’m sure they will pop up on the round table now & then.

And Ryan from Cumberland, Maryland!

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I’ve got to agree with most of these posts. I just never enjoyed the fan calls…at all.

I liked the news recap, Dave’s observer stuff, and the interviews depending on the guest.

The calls and trivia were auto skips for me.

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