New Smackdown Rankings

I think rankings could be a great idea if done right. It could give meaningless matches meaning. I’m generally more interested in college basketball/football games when they involve a team trying to climb the rankings, or two ranked teams.

It’s an interesting idea. I don’t trust WWE to keep it up for very long. But it’s at least something to jump start some new feuds and storylines. Daniel Bryan said the Top 10 would be determined by the Smackdown locker room voting on talent, leadership and athletic skill.

My prediction for a kayfabe Top 10 would be:

  1. AJ Styles - The champ that runs the camp
  2. Shinsuke Nakamura - No. 1 contender. Royal Rumble winner
  3. Charlotte - Womens Champion
  4. Randy Orton - Way overrated without a real program
  5. Sami Zayn - 1/2 of Kami (Bleh)
  6. Kevin Owens - 1/2 of Kami (Bleh)
  7. Bobby Roode - US Champion
  8. Jimmy Uso - 1/2 tag team champ
  9. Jay Uso - 1/2 tag team champ
  10. Kofi Kingston

My guess is Jinder would be in a kayfabe top 10. Great pick with the usos. Maybe the usos could be 1 spot?

Thinking about this, if they wanted to try making UFC like rankings, why not do it right after Mania when technically it is the restart of your season?

Also it would have a good concept of having it as a Men’s and Women’s division so you make wins mean something again, but that’s my 2 cents.

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Apparently it’s superstar voted…I’m sure they won’t have tag teams and factions voting for their friends/partners

“Pancakes” will be on the top ten because for “shits n giggles?”

Didn’t used to have a Power Rankings system of some kind or did they get rid of that?

It’s a cool idea, but I think being “Superstar Voted” is flawed, it doesn’t make wins and losses matter much more, because there is no direct correlation to performance and ranking (i.e. you win and get 1 point, lose and lose 1 point, and draw to get 0). If I’m a superstar, I’m voting for my friend or MAYBE the person that beat me, if I’m a babyface that respects my opponents.

I guess this gives them a way to have rankings to give the air of match importance, while still having the ability to book whatever kinda finish they want, since wins and losses don’t affect your ranking

Isn’t it will there? It’s even on the WWE games.

I don’t have high hopes for this only because rankings in wrestling have been used so many times and it never lasts. WCW, ROH and Evolve have all used a ranking system in the past and it gets given up on in time. On the plus side this should make them thing more about who is winning and losing in the matches they are booking.

I can see exactly 3 scenarios with this new toy before we all get bored of it.

  1. Straightforward No. 1 contender deal.

  2. A heel politics the other heels to vote for him so he can snake his way into a match.

  3. An unlikely guy has an “almost, but no quite” performance like Cesaro against Cena in the US Open challenge that wins the heart of the roster and segues into him getting a prominent match to elevate him.