New User of the Month Award

Wow, I wasn’t really expecting this so I didn’t really prepare a speech, but I will say a few words.

As a young boy growing up in the suburbs of Pickering, wrestling was not very popular amongst the other kids on the playground. While the children were playing games like tag and grounders on the jungle gym, I was playing Royal Rumble and Tapei Deathmatches, which in hindsight they may not have known at the time. Sorry about your eye Jimmy Ferguson.

As I grew older and my dream of becoming a pro wrestler blossomed and I realized I was missing one thing, any form of athletic ability. That kind of ended there.

Joining the forum last month has allowed me a platform to share my love for oily men in tights grabbing other oily men in tights and I thank you all for that.

I’d like to thank God, even though you lost to Vince McMahon, you are forever a winner in my books.

I’d like to thank John and Wai for their selflessness in reviewing WWE so we can all be entertained more than watching WWE. #LanaAndLashleyForever

I’d like to thank Eric Coullier of 2nd grade for not telling Mrs. Parker it was me who chipped your tooth when I hit you with that Stone Cold Stunner. You the real EC3. (No one knows where he is either)

I’d like to thank System for voting for me for this award. I know it was a tough decision and not based on any algorithms.

Lastly, I’d like to thank W.H. Park for making me understand that it is completely understandable to hate a wrestler based on their ring gear.

I leave you with some final words that may inspire the next generation of new members; From this moment…from now…from this moment on…this’ll be the moment…starting now…of the genesis…of McGillicutty."

Thank you.


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As a past winner myself I would like to formally welcome you to this exclusive club. It is truly an honour to add you to our ranks. As a gesture to mark this monumental occasion a gift bag is in the mail.

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